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    Leica Rangefinders

    As it’s appropriate for the premium manufacturer Leica, their offer also encompasses outstanding products in the field of rangefinders. Their rangefinders pride themselves with an exceptional precision which has been achieved throughout the years. The laser rangefinder system dates to 1992 when Leica installed a laser system into their binoculars and Geovid series was born. Soon after that, they integrated their laser rangefinder system into a monocular, starting a new Rangemaster series. As it provided extreme precision and durability, it soon became a hit among the hunters. The distance determination is quick and easy. Leica constantly upgrades their rangefinders to achieve the maximum range of detection.

    Leica Rangemaster

    Leica Rangemaster series of rangefinders combines high quality optics with long-lasting mechanics which places them at the top of their field. They are great for hunting in any terrain and weather. Calculated measurements are visible on a bright LED display that has an automatic brightness control feature. Their newest range represents the B and R models, which come with a market-leading intelligent ballistics system to accompany you in difficult situations when hunting in the mountains. Leica CRF-Rangemaster models are the first rangefinders that can be used by both, left-handed and right-handed people.

    Leica Pinmaster II

    Pinmaster II series is, as the name suggests, the ideal series for demands in golf. With a slim and elegant design, they are a perfect companion on the golf course. Enclosed in a carbon fiber reinforced body, the Pinmaster II products are light and durable. Scan mode and First Target Priority mode are among the most important features of the Leica Pinmaster II products and serve you greatly in measuring precise distance to smaller targets (golf flags).


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