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Scope mounts for Benelli Raffaello

General description:

Benelli Armi S.p.A. was formed in 1967 from a motorcycle business. Benelli brothers were passionate hunters as well as fine engineers – with the help of Bruno Civolani, they developed an extraordinary hunting shotgun that used a simple inertia driven mechanism in place of a conventional gas-operated system. Today, they are best known for producing shotguns for law enforcement, military and civilians. Benelli M3 12 gauge, used by American SWAT teams, is perhaps their most famous firearm.

Physical properties and dimensions:

Benelli Raffaello is a semi – automatic shotgun, which was first introduced in 1987. Raffaello model is based on the Benelli Super 90 technology. Benelli Raffaello is chambered in 12 and 20, Cal. 12, Cal. 20 and Cal. 28 gauges. The older model of Benelli Raffaello is called Benelli Raffaello Black Eagle which was availiable with 53, 61, 66 or 71 cm barrels and 76 mm chamber. All rifle versions have a ventilated barrel rib. There is only one version of this rifle availiable with 12 and 20 gauge, which is Benelli Raffaello "50 Anniversary". Versions availiable in Cal. 12 gauge are Benelli Raffaello "Power Bore", "Black Power Bore", "Deluxe Power Bore", "Black", "Deluxe", "Power Bore Compact", "Black Compact", "Criocomfort" and "Supersport". For gauge Cal. 20 there are availiable versions: Benelli Raffaello "Supersport 20, "Crio 20", "Slug 20", "Arabesque 20", "Ethos 20", "Lord 20" and for gauge Cal. 28 there are: Benelli Raffaello "Crio 28", "Legacy 28" and "Ethos 28". For the purpose of mounting solutions holes should be drilled and tapped by a skilled and experienced gunsmith. Normally owners of this rifle prefer 4 drilled holes.

Benelli Raffaello

Benelli Raffaello

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Mounting bases:

Picatinny rails:

The Picatinny rail is on a good way of becoming a global standard for mounting since it was invented in 1995. Developed on the Weaver template, the biggest advantage of the Picatinny rail is the usage across its entire length, unlike Weaver which has predesignated slots for mounting, limiting its usability and versatility. Ease of use and interchangeability are also its assets. Picatinny has slots evenly placed, namely exactly 5.23 mm one from the other and 3 mm deep. Because of this, the mounting is identical on all firearms using the Picatinny standard. Picatinny rail can accommodate all types of mounts, also those designed for Weaver standard.


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