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Scope mounts for Bergara BX11

General description:

Originally, Bergara Rifles originated from Spain. Company Bergara is vastly known throughout the world as one of the finest barrel manufacturers. A business which they began in 2004. In large extent this acknowledgment goes to Ed Shilen, a legendary barrel designer from U.S. As a rifle producer Bergara started their gun making business in 1969. They produce firearms of different design and for different field of use, various accessories and outdoor equipment. Alltogether they have more than 50 distributors, which means their products are easily acquirable throughout Europe and the world.

Physical properties and dimensions:

Bergara BX11 is a Bolt – Action Rifle which is availiable with a wide array of different chamberings. These are: .243 Win., 6.5x55, .270 Win., 7x64, 7 mm Rem., .308 Win., .30-06 SPRG., .300 Win., 9.3x62 and .375 H&H Mag. Rifle has an interchangeable barrel, with six locking lugs. Barrel's length are 50.8 and 61 cm. Bolt is 20.3 cm long and is manufactured with 4 ports to allow gas exit. Bergara BX11 has a Push – Feed action system design. For the purpose of mounting solutions, this Bergara model has four holes drilled and tapped ready. Single stage trigger of this rifle is fully adjustable with fine pull weight of 1.2 kg. Stock is of two – part style, which is the case with most Switch – barrel rifles. There are 5 Detachable magazines availiable for the different caliber groups of this rifle. Usually, magazines can hold up to three or four rounds in the magazine.

Bergara BX11

Bergara BX11

Bergara BX11 Receiver

For a more thorough and complete overview click below:

Detachable Mounting options

When talking about Detachable Mounting options, this means these mounts are removable without tools or other instruments, additionally you can remove them simply with the use of bare hands. Usually, these mounts don't offer full repeatability. These mounting options offer great advantage in terms of transport. Riflescope and rifle can be transported individually. When reattaching the scope on the rifle, point of impact shifts up to 10 cm on 100 m. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Detachable Ring mounts:

Detachable Rings mounts are designed with simple metal levers, which are used for quick remove from the rifle. These mounts are attached to the Bergara's BX11 receiver. Final position of the levers can usually be switched without the change of the clamping force. This offers a posibillity to adjust the position of the levers for a better visual appeal (both levers pointing in the same direction), once the mount is positioned and fixed on the Bergara BX11 receiver. Additionally, these mounts are designed with recoil groove and recoil lug. Some Detachable Ring Mounts for example EAW Mounts, offer windage adjustment. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Repeatable detachable mounts

Repeatable mounts are the most sophisticated mounts available and their main purpose is the removal of the telescopic sight from the rifle and mount it back again without the need of zeroing it all over. Repeatable detachable mounts are basically the same as detachable ring or scope rail mounts, with a difference regarding mounting mechanism. Repeatable detachable mounts are designed with a precise clamping mechanism, which requires identical hand clamping force for every attachment. Additionally, the same position of the mount is a guarantee. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Repeatable Slip-On ring mounts for Bergara BX11:

Mounting bases:

Dentler bases

Contessa bases


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