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Scope mounts for A Square Hannibal

General description:

A Square Company, LLC was in cooperation with Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer's Institution (SAAMI). In present time, these rifles are manufactured by Broadsword Group LLC. This company has Sharps Rifle Company, A Square Company, SRC Arms, H.H. Heiser and Merwin Hulbert companies under management. A Square company produced Bolt-Action rifles, which were designed for the purpose of hunting larger and heavier game. They were known for manufacturing rifles with large caliber chamberlings. For example: .577 T-Rex., .470 Nitro Express and many others. Additionally, A Square Company, LLC is a patent – holder of the renowned Monolithic Solid bullet, Dead Tough Soft Point bullet, Lion Load Soft Point bullet.

Physical properties and dimensions:

A Square Hannibal Bolt-Action rifle features Controlled Round Feed system. The claw extractor is non – rotating. Mounting surface of this rifle is designed for Pivot and other mounts. Rifle is designed with a drop box magazine with 3 or 4 cartridges, depending on the Caliber chamberling.. A Square Hannibal rifles are chambered in .300 Pegasus, .300 Petersen, 8 mm Rem. Mag., 8x68S, .338 Win., .340 Wby. Mag., .358 Norma, 9.3x64, .375 Wby. Mag., .400 Pondoro, .416 Hoffman, .416 Rem. Mag., .416 Wby. Mag., .404 Jeffery, .425 Express, .458 Win. Mag., .450 Ackley, .460 Wby. Mag..338 Excalibur, .358 STA, .375 H&H, .400 DPM, .416 Rem., .416 Rigby, .416 Taylor, .458 Win., .458 Lott, .460 Short A-Square, .470 Capstick, .470 Nitro Express, .495 A-Square, .500 A-Square, .505 Gibbs, .577 T-Rex. Rifle is from 102 - 122 cm long, while barrel length measures from 56 - 71 cm. Usually, rifle can hold from three to four bullets, two or three in the magazine and one in the barrel. Additionally, rifle is designed with an adjustable Iron Sights. For extra protection of the Riflescope against recoil, rifle has an additional mounting surface, which will fix riflescope's objective. Note that these rifles are manufactured on a Enfield P14 receiver.

A Square Hannibal

A Square Hannibal

For a more thorough and complete overview click below:

Pivot mounts with rings:

A special kind of repeatable mounts are pivot mounts, also known as swing mounts. They offer 100 % repeatability and can be quickly and simply detached and reattached with the use of levers, buttons and screws, with no tools required. Pivot mounts are extremely durable, lightweight, compact and elegant. Their drawback is perhaps their price, which is considerably higher than the price of fixed mounts with rings and other mounting options. The installation on the rifle should be done by a skilled gunsmith. Most of the times, pivot mounts are higher than 14 mm.
Pivot ring mounts guarantee 100 % repeatability and are available either as one-piece or two-piece versions. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle with great amount of interchangeability.

Pivot mounts with rails:

Pivot rail mounts are available in either one-piece or two-piece versions. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle with a great amount of interchangeability and 100 % repeatability. These mounts are almost the same as pivot mounts with rings but are intended for mounting of scopes with Zeiss ZM/VM rail, Swarovski SR rail, S&B Convex rail or traditional LM rail. Such setup tends to be a bit higher than with ring mounting, but this is usually not a problem for scopes with 50 or 56 mm objective lens. One-Piece Pivot mounts for rails clamp on the rail of the scope on almost it's entire length and provide very reliable mounting solution.


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