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    MAK Mounts

    MAK is a German company that offers objective optics mounting solutions. They also offer camera systems, night vision and thermal imaging systems. Using the best production techniques and materials, MAK provides one of the best accessories for hunting and sports optics, as well as products for upgrading weapons. MAK products are manufactured with highest precision, to perfectly assemble together hunting equipment.

    One of the best mounts on the market from MAK are:

    • Classic lowest two-piece pivot mounts – the lowest in the world
    • Flexible mounts that can be installed on every type of rifle – very elegant and stable
    • Quick release mounts – the new generation for fast and easy mounting
    • Fixed mounts

    MAK also offers MAKcam, a target camera that is mounted on a telescope that can records a video. This way you can capture your hunting experience and use it for training and perfect corrections.


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