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Contessa Mounts

Contessa is a renowned Italian manufacturer of firearm mounts from the highest quality class on an international scale. Their products are known for their exquisite finish – they are precisely and finely machined, adding to the elegant appearance of the mount. The edges are rounded, which is a sign of superior workmanship. Their products feature a glossy finish, except for the Picatinny rails which have a matte surface. Currently, they are the only mount manufacturer that offers various types of finish for their products. The nickel-coated mounts in the colour of champagne look especially elegant and unique. For premium, vintage firearm owners, Contessa manufactures meticulously crafted, hand-engraved mounts.

In their workshop, located in Valtrompia, Contessa manufactures the components for their mounts out of solid blocks of steel. Not only are their mounts appealing to the eye, but are also robust, reliable, and designed to withstand harsh conditions. Because the tolerances of the produced pieces are so tight, there are no deviations from one mount to another.

Contessa is known for rapid adjustment to the modern trends – they are the only ones who make mounts for the Burris Eliminator riflescope and night vision optics such as ATN X-Sight. When riflescope manufacturers started producing riflescopes with an unconventional tube diameter such as 35, 36 and 40 mm, Contessa exhibited their flexibility by quickly adapting production to this new trend.

Contessa makes mounts for drop barrel rifles, adapters for Aimpoint Micro and Docter sight devices, Blaser mounts, Sauer ISI rail mounts, Mono-block mounts, night vision optics mounts, Picatinny rails, Picatinny/Weaver rings and other types of mounts. In their offer, one finds both fixed and detachable mounts. Some of the detachable mounts are also repeatable.

Contessa’s products are a great choice for all firearm users, even the most demanding ones.

Contessa QR mounts

Contessa’s QR mounts are incredibly aesthetically appealing. They feature a glossy finish but can also be coated in other, special coatings upon request. The nickel-coated version (champagne colour) is incredibly elegant and will nicely complement premium firearms of the same colour. The user can also purchase a hand-engraved QR-mount. The edges are nicely rounded, which is a sign of meticulous workmanship. These mounts are designed for a 12mm dovetail which is mostly found on break-barrel rifles or achieved by mounting Contessa’s steel 12mm rail on the rifle. The lever, which is locked into place when pressed against the base, assures a 100 % repeatability.

Contessa Picatinny rails

Contessa manufactures their Picatinny rails from steel. They are incredibly well-machined and feature rounded edges that add to the elegant appearance. Screws that are included have a huge contact surface and a bigger head than screws of other mount manufacturing companies. They can be ordered in 0, 10, 20 and 30 MOA versions. Contessa makes Picatinny rails for more than 60 different popular rifles. In contrast to other mounts by Contessa, Picatinny rails feature a matte finish.

Contessa Picatinny rings

Contessa makes both fixed and detachable rings for the Picatinny platform. These are available in all the popular contemporary dimensions – 25.4 mm, 30 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm, 36 mm and 40 mm. The rings are made from steel.

Contessa 12 mm rails

These steel rails are designed to transform the mounting surface on your rifle into a 12mm dovetail found on most break-barrel rifles. Contessa makes these for several popular bolt action rifles, semiautomatic shotguns and single shot rifles. On these rails, Contessa’s repeatable detachable mounts can be put (or basically any other mount designed for a 12mm dovetail).



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