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Scope Mounts for Steyr Mannlicher Model S (B=104.7)

The History of Steyr

The story of Steyr Mannlicher began in 1821 when Leopold Werndl, a blacksmith, started manufacturing iron parts for firearms in the city of Steyr. His son Josef Werndl took over his business and founded the 'Josef und Franz Werndl & Comp. Waffenfabrik und Sägemühle in Oberletten ' in 1864. In the following years, he played a crucial role in the development of several rifles, including the straight pull-rifles M. 85 and M. 86. At the beginning of the 20th century, the engineers Ferdinand Mannlicher and Otto Schönauer developed the Original Mannlicher Schönauer, a legendary hunting rifle, the production of which took place until 1973. The company grew over the years and reached a production capability of 4.000 firearms per day before World War I. After the War, Steyr was prohibited from firearm manufacturing after the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye was signed. To avoid going bankrupt, they used their knowledge and machinery to manufacture cars, bicycles, motorcycles, tractors, trucks, dynamos, electric motors, and other things (they were not allowed to resume firearm production until 1930). In 1926, the company’s name was changed to Steyr-Werke AG. It merged with Austro-Daimler-Puchwerke AG in 1934 to form Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Both Austro-Daimler (previously a subsidiary of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft) and Puch (founded by the Slovenian inventor and mechanic Janez Puh) were active in the automobile industry, with Puch also manufacturing bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds.

They even employed Ferdinand Porsche for a time – he made several contributions to the company – one of them was designing an air-cooled 3.5 L V8 engine for the Steyr RSO Raupenschlepper Ost tracked vehicle. Steyr is known for modifying Fiat cars and adding their engines to some of the models (Steyr-Fiat 1100 Mod E and Fiat 1400, for example). In 1972, they cooperated with Mercedes in the design of Puch G, also known as Mercedes Benz G-class.

During World War II, the company focused on firearm, vehicle, aviation engine, and ball-bearing production for the German military. After a short firearm manufacturing ban after the end of the War, Steyr resumed the production of arms in 1950. In the years that followed, they presented many innovative firearms such as StG 77 (also known as Steyr AUG), an assault rifle with a bullpup design; SSG 69, which was ahead of its time after its release in 1969, and many others. In 1989, Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG broke up into different sectors; Steyr Mannlicher AG became independent. The company has strived to be internationally oriented, so it changed its name to Steyr Arms in 2019.

Steyr Mannlicher Model S (B=104.7 mm) Rifle Review 

Steyr Mannlicher S is a bolt-action rifle that was first introduced in 1973 and manufactured up until 1996. It was based on its predecessor, Steyr Mannlicher L but is equipped with a larger and heavier receiver for longer cartridges. The mounting surface comes with a B distance of either 104.7 mm or 100.2 mm. 

The acronyms at the end of the rifle model used by Steyr are adapted to the German language and refer to different caliber groups or action lengths. Therefore, they differ from most international abbreviations:

  • SL – Super Leicht (super light)

  • L – Leicht (light)

  • M – Medium (same as in English)

  • S – Schwer (heavy)

However, the usual L, M and S acronyms of various rifle models worldwide most often refer to either the action length or a caliber group for which a certain rifle is chambered. Commonly, L stands for long, M for medium and S for short.

The B distance between the mounting holes on the receiver of Steyr Mannlicher S is 104.7 mm.

The S model features two opposing curves for a smooth operating action that houses a bolt with six rear locking lugs. The bolt throw of only 60° allows for low-scope mounting. By turning the bolt handle to a 60° position and pressing the trigger simultaneously, the bolt can be removed without effort which is especially useful for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The safety catch which is of a two-position type is located at the right end of the receiver and is easily reachable with the index finger. It blocks the firing pin and locks the bolt handle. Additionally, the rifle comes with the cocking indicator pin at the end of the bolt. The drum magazine is made of high-quality synthetic material and can hold up to five rounds. The rear wall of the magazine is transparent to see the number of cartridges left in the magazine.

Users can choose between a single or double trigger with the trigger being adjustable for pull weight by turning a small screw positioned on the top of the trigger guard. Tightening the screw increases the trigger resistance and unscrewing it decreases the pull weight. What is more, Steyr also offers a German-style hair trigger which is optional. The barrel is equipped with a tilted rear sight and a square blade front sight. A left-handed version of the rifle is available as well. The rifle comes in several versions, including Carbine, full-stock and half-stock versions.

The receiver of Steyr Mannlicher S, chambered for .375 H&H

Figure 1: Steyr Mannlicher S, chambered for 7mm Rem. Mag. (Source: https://www.dorotheum.com/en/l/6353418/)

Steyr Mannlicher Model S Calibers

The S model is chambered for the following calibers:

  • 6.5x68   

  • 7mm Rem. Mag.

  • .300 Win. Mag.

  • .300 H&H Mag.

  • 8x68S

  • .338 Win. Mag.

  • 9.3x64 

  • .375 H&H Mag.

All other Steyr Mannlicher action lengths: 

Steyr Mannlicher S comes with four holes for mounting purposes, two on the front and two on the rear mounting surface. There is no difference in height between the surfaces.

The receiver of Steyr Mannlicher S, chambered for .375 H&H

Figure 2: The receiver of Steyr Mannlicher S, chambered for .375 H&H (Source: https://www.icollector.com/STEYR-MANNLICHER-MODEL-S-SAFARI-CALIBER-375-H-H_i29784243)

The receiver of Steyr Mannlicher Model S (B=104.7 mm)

A: 10 mm

B: 104.7 mm

C: 10 mm

BHU: 0 mm

Ø: M4x05

R1: R17.5

R2: R17.5

Scope Mounts Interchangeable With Steyr Mannlicher Model S

Rifles That Have One-Piece Scope Mounts Interchangeable With Steyr Mannlicher Model S

All the rifles listed in the category below have one-piece scope mounts interchangeable with Steyr Mannlicher S. For one-piece scope mounts to fit on a rifle, mounting surfaces on these rifles must match in every dimension. Rifles that share the same dimensions and mounting surface with Steyr Mannlicher S are:

Rifles That Have Two-Piece Scope Mounts Interchangeable With Steyr Mannlicher Model S

All the rifles listed in the category below have two-piece scope mounts interchangeable with Steyr Mannlicher S. To meet interchangeability conditions, two-piece scope mounts must match in all dimensions except the B distance. B distance can vary because two-piece mounts can be installed and adjusted closer or further apart. Rifles that meet such criteria are:

Best Scope Mounts for Steyr Mannlicher Model S

Detachable Repeatable Scope Mounts for Steyr Mannlicher Model S

This two-piece pivot mount manufactured by the German company EAW is repeatable and made of high quality-steel. It will match the mounting surface of Steyr Mannlicher S perfectly.

Picatinny Rails for Steyr Mannlicher Model S

We recommend this steel Picatinny rail manufactured by the German company EAW. It is suitable for Steyr Mannlicher S and offers numerous mounting options. Additionally, the rail comes with a thirty-year warranty.

Help Us Build Our Riflescope Mounts Database

If you happen to own this or any other rifle, we would appreciate it if you could help us expand our database by sending us some photos of the rifle receiver (the bare mounting surface of the rifle without the scope mounts installed). For your help, our company offers a fair return in terms of practical rewards.

Please send us an email for more information. You can contact us here: [email protected] 

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