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Scope mounts for Browning BAR MK2

The History of Browning

Browning Arms Company was founded in 1880 by the American John Moses Browning, one of the most, if not the most prolific and influential firearm inventor of all time, with the help of his brothers, in Ogden, Utah. A large portion of John Browning's rifle designs have been acquired and produced by other big-name companies, like Winchester, Colt, Remington, Fabrique Nationale of Belgium, and Miroku. Among his most famous guns produced were the 1895 Colt Peacemaker machine gun, the Browning automatic rifle, the .45-caliber pistol, a variety of .30- and .50-caliber machine guns used in World War II; and the Browning Automatic-5 shotgun first introduced in 1902 and still produced to this day. Beside firearms, Browning is also a manufacturer of various other products, such as gun knives, shooting accessories, bicycles, and clothing. In 1977 the Belgian firearms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale (FN) purchased the Browning Company. In 1987 the US Repeating Arms Company (Winchester) was purchased from its former owners. The Winchester brand (licensed from Olin Corporation) was acquired at the same time by FN. In 1990, Société Générale sold the FN company to GIAT Industries.

In 1997, the entire FN family of companies (including Browning and the Winchester) was bought from GIAT by the government of a Belgian region named Waloon and was renamed to Groupe Herstal.

Browning BAR MK2 Rifle Review

Browning BAR is a name used both for an automatic military rifle developed by John Browning at the beginning of the 20th century and for a semiautomatic sporting rifle that is based on the automatic Browning BAR and was introduced as a redesign in 1966.

Browning BAR MK2 was introduced in 1993 as a second generation of the BAR series and was manufactured up until 2016 when Browning presented their BAR MK3.

BAR and BAR MK2 have identical mounting surface – scope mounts that fit BAR will also fit BAR 2. Moreover, apart from the BAR MK3 DBM variant that features an integrated Picatinny rail, the mounting surface on other BAR MK3 models is the same as that on BAR and BAR MK2 which means that all three generations of Browning BAR are suitable for the same scope mounts.

BAR MK2 consists of a piston-driven gas autoloading system and a bolt with seven rotating locking lugs that lock into the barrel. It features a cross-bolt safety and a single-stage trigger that is part of an easily removable trigger assembly. Its magazine is a detachable box magazine with a hinged floorplate. A receiver is a one-piece unit made of high-strength steel, except for some variations which feature an aluminum-alloy receiver. The gas pressure-operated repeater is improved on BAR MK2, and the rifle includes a recoil limiter. 

The barrel lengths on Browning BAR MK2 are 508 mm (20-inch), 559 mm (22-inch) and 610 mm (24-inch).

Browning BAR MK2

Figure 1: Browning BAR MK2 (Source: https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/bar/bar-mark-2-safari.html)

Browning BAR MK2 Calibers

Browning BAR MK2 is chambered for the following calibers:

  • .22-250 Rem.   

  • .243 Win.

  • .25-06 Rem. 

  • .270 WSM  

  • .270 Win.   

  • 7mm WSM 

  • 7mm Rem. Mag.  

  • .308 Win.      

  • .300 WSM     

  • .30-06 Spr.

  • .300 Win. Mag.  

  • .338 Win. Mag.      

Browning BAR MK2 Variants

Browning BAR MK2 is available in the following variants:

  • Browning BAR MK2 Safari

  • Browning BAR MK2 Long Trac

  • Browning BAR MK2 Short Trac

  • Browning BAR MK2 Lightweight Stalker

Browning BAR MK2 comes with four holes for mounting purposes, two on the front, and two on the rear mounting surface. There is no difference in height between the surfaces.

Browning BAR MK2

Figure 2: Browning BAR MK2 receiver

Skica dimenzij

A: 12.7 mm

B: 81 mm

C: 12.7 mm

BHU: 0 mm

Ø: 6-48

R1: R18

R2: R18

Scope Mounts Interchangeable With Browning BAR MK2

Rifles That Have One-Piece Scope Mounts Interchangeable With Browning BAR MK2

All the rifles listed in the category below have one-piece scope mounts interchangeable with Browning BAR MK2. For one-piece scope mounts to fit on a rifle, mounting surfaces on these rifles must match in every dimension. Rifles that share the same dimensions and mounting surface with Browning BAR MK2 are:

  • Benelli Argo

  • Browning Maral

  • Browning Acera

  • Winchester SXR Vulcan

  • Fabarm Iris

  • Browning BLR LA

  • Browning BPR

  • Browning BAR

  • Browning BAR MK3

Rifles That Have Two-Piece Scope Mounts Interchangeable With Browning BAR MK2

All the rifles listed in the category below have two-piece scope mounts interchangeable with Browning BAR MK2. To meet interchangeability conditions, two-piece scope mounts must match in all dimensions except the B distance. B distance can vary because two-piece scope mounts can be installed and adjusted closer or further apart. Rifles that meet such criteria are:

  • Benelli Argo

  • Browning Maral

  • Browning Acera

  • Winchester SXR Vulcan

  • Fabarm Iris

  • Browning BLR SA

  • Browning BLR LA

  • Browning BLR Lightning

  • Browning BPR

  • Browning BAR

  • Browning BAR MK3

Best Scope Mounts for Browning BAR MK2

Fixed Scope Mounts for Browning BAR MK2

This two-piece mount manufactured by the American company Talley is a suitable choice for your Browning BAR MK2. It is made of aluminum and comes with a ten-year warranty.

Detachable Repeatable Scope Mounts for Browning BAR MK2

If you are looking for a detachable mounting solution to fit on your Browning BAR MK2, this two-piece pivot mount manufactured by the company Rusan is a great choice. 

Picatinny Rails for Browning BAR MK2

This Picatinny rail manufactured by the German company EAW is a great choice for Browning BAR MK2. It comes with a thirty-year warranty and is made entirely of high-quality steel.

Help Us Build Our Riflescope Mounts Database

If you happen to own this or any other rifle, we would appreciate it if you could help us expand our database by sending us some photos of the rifle receiver (the bare mounting surface of the rifle without the mounts installed). For your help, our company offers a fair return in terms of practical rewards.

Please send us an email for more information. You can contact us here: info@optics-trade

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