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Scope mounts for CZ 452

About the company

CZ stands for Ceská Zbrojovka. The company headquarters are based in Uhersky Brod, a small town in the Czech Republic. The present-day CZ was set-up in 1936 as a subsidiary of CZ Strakonice, which was, in turn, a subsidiary of Zbrojovka Brno – the armaments industry grew rapidly in the new Czechoslovakia at the time, and Uhersky Brod seemed like a great location since it was secluded and lay beyond the range of German bombers. In 1939, German forces occupied Czechoslovakia and the company was renamed to Böhmische Waffenwerke. Until 1945, they made machine guns LK-30 and MG-17 for the German army. After World War II, Russians gained control of the entire region and the company was nationalized by the communist government. Along with firearms, the company produced parts for the CZ 125 motorcycle and parts for sewing machines. In 1957, they started producing Model 58 assault rifle, a Czech version of AK-47. In 1961, the renowned Skorpion machine pistol entered production. The famous CZ 75 pistol was launched in 1975. Ceská Zbrojovka became an independent company in May 1992 when the “iron curtain” fell. Today, they are one of the biggest manufacturers of light firearms. CZ 75, the famous pistol, is used as a basis by many other firearm manufacturers.

About the rifle

CZ 452 is a bolt-action rimfire rifle, available in several versions: American, Varmint, Lux, Scout, Silhouette, Style, and FS. CZ chambers these rifles for .22 LR., .22 WMR, .17 HMR and .17 HM2. The rifle was first introduced in 1954 as Model 2 (ZKM 452) – an upgraded version of CZ model 1 (ZKM 451). For mounting purposes, there is an 11mm dovetail on the receiver (there are no mounting holes). The action is controlled feed.

CZ 455 series replaced CZ 452 models in 2011. These are also bolt-action rimfire rifles, chambered for .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17 HMR and .17 HM2. For mounting purposes, there is an 11mm dovetail on the receiver (there are no mounting holes). The action is controlled-feed. Instead of barrel threaded into the receiver, CZ 455 rifles have the barrel fixed in the frame with twin set-screws as part of interchangeable barrel system. Also, CZ 455 rifles allow the action to be swapped into any 455 stock without modifications.

Rifles Sauer SSG 3000, Sauer 200 STR, Accuracy International rifles, CZ 452, CZ 453, CZ 455, CZ 511, CZ 512, CZ 513, Mauser 201 and Keppeler Sports rifles have an 11mm dovetail on their receiver for mounting purposes.

Mounting details

Mounting details

Mounting details

A: / (no holes)
B: / (no holes)
C: / (no holes)
BHU: 0 mm
Fi: /
R1: Prisma 11
R2: Prisma 11

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Fixed mounting options

Fixed ring mounts

Fixed ring mounts cannot be detached from a rifle without tools. They come at an affordable price and offer high reliability. In most cases, they are not difficult to install on a rifle. Being fixed means that the user cannot quickly switch scopes, which limits the usability of a rifle. For this rifle, the fixed ring mounts are available in two options: one-piece or two-piece. In some cases, the buyer has an option of buying bases and rings or bases only.

Fixed ring mounts – one-piece

Fixed ring mounts – two-piece

Fixed scope rail mounts

The use of tools is necessary to detach a fixed rail mount from a rifle. This is a more expensive option than buying fixed ring mounts; however, it is still fairly cheap in comparison with other mounting options. Fixed rail mounts are reliable and lightweight, but the user is unable to quickly switch between scopes. Not many manufacturers make these, so there are fewer possibilities than among fixed ring mounts.

Fixed scope rail mounts – two-piece

Detachable mounting options

In this category, there are mounts that can be removed without tools or other instruments; they can be removed with the use of bare hands. Usually, they do not offer full repeatability. The mounts in this category are advantageous in terms of transport – the riflescope and rifle can be transported individually. When reattaching the scope on the rifle, the point of impact shifts up to 10 cm on 100 m. Usually, they are marked with QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Detachable ring mounts

Detachable ring mounts are designed with simple metal levers which are used for quick removal from the rifle. These mounts clamp on CZ 452's 11mm dovetail. The final position of the levers can usually be switched without changing the clamping force on the dovetail. This offers the possibility to adjust the position of the levers for a better visual appeal (both levers pointing in the same direction) once the mount is positioned and fixed on CZ 452's 11mm dovetail. Additionally, some of these mounts are designed with a recoil lug. Some detachable ring mounts such offer windage adjustment. Usually, detachable mounts are marked with QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations. For this rifle, they are available in both one-piece and two-piece version.

Detachable one-piece ring mounts

Detachable two-piece ring mounts

Repeatable detachable mounts

Repeatable mounts are the most sophisticated mounts available. They offer the possibility to remove the telescopic sight from the rifle and mount it back again without the need of re-zeroing. Repeatable detachable mounts are basically the same as detachable ring or scope rail mounts with a difference in mounting mechanism. Repeatable detachable mounts are designed with a precise clamping mechanism where the same clamping force is achieved in every attachment with the help of a lever – the same position of the mount is guaranteed. Usually, detachable mounts are marked with QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Repeatable Slip-On ring mounts for CZ 452

Repeatable Slip-On rail mounts for CZ 452

Pivot mounts

Pivot mounts fall into the category of repeatable detachable mounts. Detachment and re-attachment are very easy – the scope is inserted into the notch of the front base under a 90 degrees angle to the barrel. After that, the scope is pivoted until it is locked by the rear base. Pivot mounts are durable, elegant, light, and small. They are usually quite expensive in relation to other types of mounts. The installation on the rifle should be done by a skilled gunsmith. Most of the times, pivot mounts are higher than 14 mm.

Pivot mounts with rings

Pivot ring mounts guarantee 100 % repeatability. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle.

Pivot mounts with rails

Pivot rail mounts are available in either one-piece or two-piece versions. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle and guarantee 100 % repeatability. These mounts are almost the same as pivot mounts with rings but are intended for mounting of scopes with Zeiss ZM/VM rail, Swarovski SR rail, S&B Convex rail or traditional LM rail. Such setup tends to be a bit higher than with ring mounting but this is usually not a problem for scopes with a 50 or 56 mm objective lens. One-Piece Pivot mounts for rails clamp on the rail of the scope and provide a very reliable mounting solution.

Mounting bases

Picatinny rails

The Picatinny rail is on a good way of becoming a global standard for mounting since it was invented in 1995. Developed on the Weaver template, the biggest advantage of the Picatinny rail is that it can be used throughout its entire length, unlike Weaver which has predesignated slots for mounting, limiting its usability and versatility. Ease of use and interchangeability are also its assets. A Picatinny rail has slots evenly placed, namely 5.23 mm from one another. The slots are 3 mm deep. Because of this, the mounting is identical on all firearms using the Picatinny standard. Picatinny rails are usually available in 0 MOA or 20 MOA inclinations. A Picatinny rail can accommodate all types of mounts, also those designed for the Weaver standard. Full-size mounts of this type are designed for mounting of modern optics such as thermal or digital devices.

Red dot mounting options

Docter Sight mounts

Docter Sights are reflex sights with an array of application options. They are ideal for rifles, shotguns and for use on driven hunts. They can also be mounted on handguns and various other platforms. There are three available Docter sight mounting solutions: repeatable, fixed and detachable. Every time a Docter sight device is reattached to the rifle with a detachable mount, the rifle has to be re-zeroed. Usually, detachable mounts are marked with QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Aimpoint Micro mounts

Aimpoint Micro devices are tube dot sights for military use but are also gaining in popularity on the civil market. There are two types of models: the H models are designed for hunters, while the T models are designed for military users. There are three available Aimpoint Micro mounting solutions: repeatable, fixed and detachable. Every time an Aimpoint Micro is reattached to the rifle with a detachable mount, the rifle has to be re-zeroed. Repeatable mounts hold zero. Usually, detachable mounts are marked with QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.


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