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Scope mounts for Beretta S689 Silver Sable II

General description:

Beretta is known as one of the oldest European gun producers. Bartolomeo Beretta is a founder of this famous company, originally from Gardone in Valle Trompia, Italy. Pietro Beretta was known for supplying firearms for Napoleon's war efforts. Company expanded their recognition throughout the world in USA, France, Brazil, and Greece. In the present time, Beretta company produces around 1500 pieces of firearms per day. Company established a headquarters in Accokeek in Maryland, USA. Beretta made a breakthrough, when 9 – mm Beretta pistol was approved by the U.S Military.

Physical properties and dimensions:

Beretta S689 also known as Silver Sable II is Over and Under Centerfire Double rifle which was introduced in 1994. The S689 model was built on Beretta's 20 gauge box lock shotgun frame, which features single or double triggers. Beretta S689 Silver Sable II is chambered in .30-06 SPRG., 9.3 x 74R and 8 x 56JRS and .444 Marlin calibers. Barrel is rotary, precision forged and is 56 or 61 cm long. Average weight of this rifle is around 3.5 kg. For the purpose of mounting solutions, rifle has a Dovetail designed with 4 holes which are drilled and tapped for a better hold of the mount and telescopic sight on the rifle's receiver. Normally, S689 is manufactured with walnut Schnabel fore – end stock. The similar model of this rifle is Beretta 689 Gold Sable

Beretta S689 Silver Sable II

Beretta S689 Silver Sable II

Beretta S689 Silver Sable II Receiver

For a more thorough and complete overview click below:

Pivot mounts with rings:

A special kind of repeatable mounts are pivot mounts, also known as swing mounts. They offer 100 % repeatability and can be quickly and simply detached and reattached with the use of levers, buttons and screws, with no tools required. Pivot mounts are extremely durable, lightweight, compact and elegant. Their drawback is perhaps their price, which is considerably higher than the price of fixed mounts with rings and other mounting options. The installation on the rifle should be done by a skilled gunsmith. Most of the times, pivot mounts are higher than 14 mm.

Pivot ring mounts guarantee 100 % repeatability and are available either as one-piece or two-piece versions. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle with great amount of interchangeability.

Pivot mounts with rails:

Pivot rail mounts are available in either one-piece or two-piece versions. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle with a great amount of interchangeability and 100 % repeatability. These mounts are almost the same as pivot mounts with rings but are intended for mounting of scopes with Zeiss ZM/VM rail, Swarovski SR rail, S&B Convex rail or traditional LM rail. Such setup tends to be a bit higher than with ring mounting, but this is usually not a problem for scopes with 50 or 56 mm objective lens. One-Piece Pivot mounts for rails clamp on the rail of the scope on almost it's entire length and provide very reliable mounting solution.

RedDot mounting options:

Docter Sight mounts

The Docter Sight is a reflex sight with an array of application options. It is ideal for shotguns and for use on driven hunts. It can also be used on handguns, rifles and various other platforms. There are three availiable Docter sight mounting solutions. Which are: Repeatable, Fixed and Detachable. We should mention that Detachable Docter sights mounts require a new zeroing everytime you reattach it to the rifle. Repeatable mounts hold a constant zero. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.


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