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Scope mounts for Anscütz 1517

General description:

Anschütz is a renowned manufacturer of sporting firearms with headquarters in Ulm, Germany. J.G. Anschütz produces Air pistols, Air rifles, Rimfire and Centerfire rifles. The company was founded in the middle of 1850, more precisely 1856 by Julius Gottfried Anschütz. Currently, Anschütz manufactures rifles for hunting, Biathlon and Target competitions. Additionally, Anschütz is also known as one of the major shareholders of Steyr Sportwaffen company, which is an Austrian company renowned for the production of various target firearms. 

Physical properties and dimensions:

Anschutz 1517 Bolt Action rifle is designed with 11 mm Dovetail on the receiver for mounting purposes. There is one type of action available for this rifle, which is: Match 64. Match 64 tends to be more lightweight and stands out in precision. Magazine carries up to four rounds. Note, that the action is of the same design as on Anschutz 1417. Additionally, rifles have either single or two-stage triggers. The barrel has 6 grooves and it's about 59 cm long. Anschutz 1517 is chambered in .17 HMR caliber. This model is also designed with Classic stock or Thumbhole stock, which offers greater comfortableness when aiming and shooting. The rifle has four holes drilled and tapped for mounting purposes. Anschutz 1517 is availiable in several different versions. Which are: Anschutz 1517 DH B, Anschutz 1517 D HB SH, Anschutz 1517 D HB Beavertail, Anschutz 1517 D HB Classic, Anschutz 1517 D HB G (Long barrel), Anschutz 1517 D HB G (Short barrel) and Anschutz 1517L D HB Classic. Overally, rifle is about 106 cm long and weights approximately 3 kg. 

Anschütz 1517

Anschütz 1517

Anschutz 1517 receiver

For a more thorough and complete overview click below:

Mounting bases:

Picatinny rails:

The Picatinny rail is on a good way of becoming a global standard for mounting since it was invented in 1995. Developed on the Weaver template, the biggest advantage of the Picatinny rail is the usage across its entire length, unlike Weaver which has predesignated slots for mounting, limiting its usability and versatility. Ease of use and interchangeability are also its assets. Picatinny has slots evenly placed, namely exactly 5.23 mm one from the other and 3 mm deep. Because of this, the mounting is identical on all firearms using the Picatinny standard. Picatinny rails are usually available with 0 MOA or 20 MOA. 20 MOA inclination enables user to have more elevation adjustment availiable on the riflescope additionally, better long range performance. Picatinny rail can accommodate all types of mounts, also those designed for Weaver standard.


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