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Aimpoint Micro Mounts

Aimpoint Micro is a tube dot sight developed for the military use but is now gaining popularity in the civil market as well.

Aimpoint Micro H-1 and Micro H-2 are small tube red dot sights meant for hunters and Aimpoint Micro T-1 and Micro T-2 are meant for professionals, like law enforcements and military users. The difference between H and T models is in night vision capabilities, which are added to the T models. Both versions however have the same mounting solutions.

The adapter plate of the mount can either be fixed or detachable. There are options to fastened it with levers or screws. The adapter plates differ for the type of firearm the Aimpoint will be attached to. The most popular in recent years is the Picatinny rail standard. This is the reason that most of these sights are sold with the original fixed picatinny/weaver mount. It is also available with original Blaser mounts, Leupold QR bases, Tikka T3 and for all Sako hunting rifles with standard dovetails on their action.All this mounting solutions are available directly from Aimpoint as kit options of Aimpoint Micro H-1 and Aimpoint Micro H-2.

For all other mounting solutions it is best to buy the Aimpoint Micro without the original mount and find a suitable mounting solution for your particular firearm.

Aimpoint Micro Mounts

In order to attach your Aimpoint to your gun you first need a proper adapter plate. Once you have connected the sight to the plate you can continue to the next step, attaching the plate with the sight to the firearm.

To attach the Aimpoint Micro to the adapter plate you need to position it over the longitudinal groove and secure it with four screws. In the centre of the groove there is a recoil stop. If you wish to remove the Aimpoint Micro from your firearm just remove the Aimpoint together with the adapter plate attached to it. It is done in seconds if you have the detachable model but requires some time and tools if you have the fixed mount plate. All the adapter plates are asymmetrical in shape which helps to mount them properly as in one way they will not fit.

Most mounts for Aimpoint Micro are made from high strengthaluminum, which is hard anodized and finished in matte. Such mounts are produced by many different manufacturers: Aimpoint, Contessa, Dentler, EAW, Henneberger, INNOmount and MAK.

If you wish to mount the Aimpoint Micro to an AR platform or its clones you need to include a spacer into your mounting solution. The spacers are either 30 mm or 39 mm high.


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