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Suhl Claw Mounts

Suhl Claw mounts were the most common form of detachable/repeatable mounts on European rifles before the modern pivot mounts emerged on the market. This type of mounts were mainly used in central Europe and especially dominated in Germany and Austria. Hence, for this reason such mounts are called German Claw mounts in the English speaking lands, whereas in central Europe the same mounts are usually just referred to as Suhl mounts. Suhl mounts are compromised from the front ring which embraces the objective bell and the rear ring that is located on the central tube of the scope. The prime reason for such popularity was the extraordinary repeatability and reliability, which is still remarkable by today’s standards. There are however some drawbacks with this type of mounting solution and due to this reasons their popularity rapidly declined in the last 2 decades. These are:

  • High price (Suhl Claw mount is the most expensive mount among all and a price of 1000 EUR or more for a single mount is quite ordinary. All such mounts are custom made by gunsmiths and their installation involves by far the most work input among all mounts.),
  • Front mounting base often has to be installed on the barrel (Almost all modern rifle scopes with 50 or 56mm objective lens and eye-relief of 80mm or more need the front ring around the objective bell, which means that the front base of the mount is placed on the barrel. This interferes with the free floating barrels and reduces accuracy.),
  • Sample to sample variation (The quality of the German Claw mount depends on the skill and knowledge of the gunsmith that installed it or even made it from scratch. That means that there are very big differences in quality from mount to mount.).
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