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    Swarovski SR rail Mounts

    It is very similar to other rail mounting solutions developed by other manufacturers. The most notable are the Zeiss ZM/VM rail and the S&B Convex rail. The main difference is that the Swarovski SR rail has small teeth on the lower side, and they work as recoil stoppers. The Swarovski SR rail is a great solution for all those who need the advantages it provides: when mounting a riflescope to a rifle with the SR rail there is no need for additional tools, mounting is done swiftly, securely and easily.

    When mounting with rail is compared to the standard mounting with rings it is easy to see all the advantages it provides. Rings can leave marks on the main tube, but not only superficial marks, the structural integrity of the rifle scope can be compromised thus leaving the user with a corrupted image and tracking problems. The scopes that are mounted with the use of rail are less subjected to recoil shocks and can withstand endless shots of almost any caliber. If mounted with rings they have to be realigned after a while. When mounting with a rail you always get a perfect horizontal level as the reticle is aligned with the rail.

    Mounting with a scope rail solutions is always the preferred way over the mounting with rings and in the future most of the European premium rifle scopes producers will exclusively use this approach. We are waiting on the first scope that will be produced with mounting rail only (apart from Zeiss Diarange which contains laser and cannot be mounted with rings at all).


    Riflescope manufacturers that use the Swarovski SR rail are Swarovski and Kahles. Swarovski SR rail producers: EAW, Recknagel, MAK, Henneberger, Rusan, INNOmount, Blaser and Ziegler.



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