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Contessa Blaser mounts

Blaser is a firearm manufacturing company, headquartered in Isny im Allgäu, Germany. They revolutionized the way riflescopes are mounted on the rifles by introducing a unique mounting system. Most Blaser rifles (R8, R93, B95/B97, D99, K95, S2, BBF95/97 and many others) have four notches on the barrel, the dimensions of which are the same on every Blaser rifle that uses this mounting system (same mounts fit on all Blaser rifles with this platform). Blaser is one of the first rifle manufacturing companies that introduced the barrel-mounting system.

Most mounts in this category are of the detachable type. They come with a lever that locks into place when pressed to the side of the base and can be unlocked by pushing down the safety catch. This mechanism makes these mounts repeatable, meaning that they hold zero when dismounted and mounted back again.

Blaser makes rifles of the premium class, which is why these appealing, high-quality mounts with rounded edges will nicely complement them. The glossy finish adds to the elegant appearance, while the precisely machined parts make it robust and durable.

For the Blaser mounting platform, Contessa makes Picatinny rails of various lengths, a Docter Sight adapter, an Aimpoint Micro adapter, mounts for different night vision optics, mounts for all the popular rail standards (Zeiss ZM/VM, Swarovski SR, S&B Convex), mounts with 30mm rings, etc. Additionally, there are many types of Picatinny rails available for popular NV optics, including the one with the 20 MOA inclination.

These mounts are machined from a solid block of steel, which is different from what we are used to with most other mount manufacturers. Contessa has a 30-year warranty period on all their mounts for Blaser rifles.

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