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Hunting single piece scope mounts


Philosophy of hunting single piece scope mounts is similar as it is with tactical single piece mounts.

  • What is in common with all of the single piece scope mounts is the fact that front and rear ring are made of one piece of material.

  • These scope mounts are usually milled from one piece of raw material.

Some of these mounts fit on dovetails of hunting rifles; 12 mm dovetail on break action rifles, Tikka T3x, CZ 527, CZ 550 / 557, Sako rifles and others are great examples of it.

This is one way of mounting hunting single piece scope mounts. Other way is to use (pre)drilled holes on rifle’s receiver and the mount will fit on receiver with holes in it.

These mounts are usually made of aluminium, mostly to save on weight. Although, there are still some traditional mounts of this type which are made from steel.

Normally, many mounts of this type are of two part design

  • In practice this means that base is made from one part and

  • two rings are mounted on this base.

On market, quick detachable, hunting single piece scope mounts can be found, as well as fixed. Normally, these mounts have integrated recoil stopper and look less bulky than tactical one piece mounts.

However, there are big differences in prices and quality between different hunting, single piece mounts.

  • For example, there are Kozap mounts on the market, available for approximately 110 EUR and on the other hand, you can find

  • Sauer 404 mounts that cost around 540 EUR.

There are two manufacturers that make affordable single piece scope mounts for hunting rifles:

  • DNZ and

  • Kozap.

  • All other mounts come mostly from high end manufacturers of hunting rifles and they all share expensive prices (except Henneberger which is not manufacturer of weapons).


Most known hunting single piece scope mounts available are definitely:

  • Blaser mounts,

  • Sauer SUM mounts,

  • Sauer ISI mounts,

  • Mauser M03 mounts,

  • Merkel KR1 mounts,

  • Merkel B3 mounts,

  • Merkel B4 mounts,

  • Merkel K3 mounts,

  • Merkel K4 mounts,

  • INNOmount mounts,

  • MAKuick mounts and

  • Henneberger mounts.

As you could notice, these are mainly premium mounts for premium European huntig rifles. When speaking about Merkel mounts (KR1, B3, B4, K3, K4,...), they are all the same (except mounts for RX Helix rifle) and made by the same standard.

It is important to mention that not all producers have rings and saddle of the mount made from one piece.

Such producers are, for example: Blaser, Sauer, MAKuick, INNOmount, etc.


Reliability with hunting single piece scope mounts is absolutely better than with two piece mounts. Also, better alignment of both rings can be assured and nevertheless, better repetability can be achieved (if quick detachable design).

These mounts are very robust and rigid, but most important advantage is that there is no possibility of flexing the scope (because of great alignment of both rings).

To sum up, among the rigidness, great alignment of rings and reliability, one of important advantage is also that a lot of these mounts can be mounted by end users (because of their simplicity).


Single piece scope mounts for hunting rifles are normally using more material than scope mounts with separated bases which ends up with heavier weight. Visual experience is different through the eyes of different people, but it is true that two piece mounts usually look more elegant and lighter. However, visual aspect is relative and it depends on different tastes.

It is not similar with eye relief which is quite objective fact – eye relief on single piece scope mounts for hunting rifles might be harder to adjust.

Is lapping needed with this type of mounts?

If mounts are of high quality, then no.

Compared to two piece mounts (where lapping is a must), it is at least less often. This is so because of the perfect alignment of both rings.

Notice: Quality in production process is a must if we want to avoid lapping and bedding, otherwise problems might occur.


Single piece scope mounts for hunting rifles are becoming more and more popular. It looks really nice when choosing a premium rifle with original mount from the same manufacturer.

This combination is more and more often (one manufacturer, avoiding warranty issues, trust in product, reliability, etc.). All these single piece scope mounts have in common that they are robust and reliable, easy to mount and are the best choice for scopes (damages because of flexing the scopes can be avoided with this choice).

Maybe the prices are a little bit higher, but we gain a lot in technical aspect.

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