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    Scope mounts with Bases

    Introduction- scope rings and scope bases

    Inside the arms industry, the term "scope mounts with bases" always refers to separate scope rings and base for them.

    The whole meaning is in the scope bases, mounted on the rifle first, and then putting the correct rings (or direct rails for scopes in some cases – Swarovski SR, Zeiss ZM/VM, etc.) on them.

    On the market, Weaver bases and rings that work by the same principle can be found, but many manufacturers offer sets with smaller base.

    The most common scope mount

    The most common scope mounts with bases are the ones with:

    Scope mounts with Weaver or Picatinny bases are rarely sold as sets, for example.

    There is an interesting fact that EU and US manufacturers of mounts with bases have a similar design of bases (EAW, Recknagel, Contessa, Talley).

    Scope mounts with bases have in common that there is always the two-piece design of the mount and scope rings are tip-off rings with recoil stopper in one of the bases.

    Scope mounts with Bases - Scope mounts, scope rings and bases

    Leupold STD Two-Piece Base & 25.4mm Ring Set


    The most popular producers of this type of mounts are:

    Advantages of mounts with bases

    • Scope mounts with bases do not have front and rear piece linked together, which means less weight and elegant design of the mounts.

    • Compared to some of the other designs, mounts with bases are available at affordable prices (good value).

    • This type of design also allows easy production, because only bases are different for each rifle and scope rings (upper part) can remain the same.

    • This is the main reason why they are easier and cheaper to produce, compared to some others and why they are popular with manufacturers.

    • An important advantage of scope mount with direct base is also the possibility of windage adjustments.


    • On the other hand, there are some shortcomings with mounts with bases, also.

    • They are often hard quite hard to mount. It is because of the fact that bases have to be aligned in all directions and heights (which might be difficult to achieve). If this is not so, scope can be flexed and eventually damaged.

    • These scope mounts are also made of many connecting pieces, which might end up with more possibilities of failure.

    • The small connecting surface between the scope and the mounts also does not go in favor for them or their rigidness.

    Does this type of Scope mounts need lapping?

    Probably, yes. At least, it is somewhat highly recommended.

    Mounts with bases are known for harder installation of them because it can get really hard to mount both bases with 100% alignment of the scope rings.

    Lapping is a useful process that might solve the problem of miss fit. It is also the most simple way to achieve 100% alignment of both parts of the mount and it also helps to reduce strains and deformations in materials.

    An alternative to lapping could be the bedding of mounts with a special mixture (similar to glue) that becomes extremely hard when it dries.

    This helps to add some rigidness to the installation of scope mounts and it also helps to achieve better alignment of both parts of the mount.


    Scope mounts with bases are often available at affordable price and they do look elegant (especially on hunting rifles).

    They are also light because of the missing connection between the front and rear piece, but (due to this reason) might be hard for mounting.

    We would always recommend a skillful gunsmith to do it.

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