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Leica Monoculars

The story of Leica Sports Optics begins in 1907 with Dr Ernst Leitz. Businessman with love for nature decided to start the production of first binoculars called Binocle 6x18 born from the commitment to build the best sports optics. In 1950 Leica based in Wetzler, Germany introduced first three very durable and resilient rifle scopes and continued to manufacture binoculars and spotting scopes until 2010 when they set a new benchmark by re-entering into riflescope production with ER series. In 2013 Leica Sports Optics made another revolution by introducing range finding binoculars with innovative ballistic program.

For over 100 years Leica offered its incredible products among photographers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The long tradition guarantees excellence in the world of Sports Optics constantly perfecting its products. Top of the class binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and rangefinders with exceptional craftsmanship and intuitive controls provide high-quality standards and performance. Excellent glass implemented into Leica's Sports Optics products is precisely manufactured, thus satisfying even the most demanding users with high quality view-through and outstanding resolution. Even in the most challenging light, products by Leica Camera never cease to amaze with its bright, colorful and crystal clear images. Enhanced perception of the world around us is the result of using very unique technologies such as HighLux System (HLS™), HDC®, AquaDura® lens and prism coatings and ABC® ballistic system. Even the most difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions will not mend these companions.

Leica company stands out for its philosophy of preserving the nature using only materials and technologies that are environmentally safe. For years the company participated in many projects for conservation the nature around the world, such as protecting the endangered species and habitats. These principles can easily consolidate the trust in Leica Camera AG.


Leica Monoculars Series

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Leica Monovid 8x20

Leica Monovid 8x20

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