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Hikmicro Thunder TH35C

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Hikmicro Thunder TH35C Details

  • Hikmicro Thunder TH35C thermal imaging device is an excellent choice for its price point of €2,000 and offers great image quality.

  • It features a larger lens and adjustable focus, allowing users to get more image details than the competing Pulsar Proton and Nitehog Viper. Compared to the Viper, Thunder's TH35C costs 800 euros less and has WiFi capabilities.

  • Its main rival is the Night Pearl Seer 35, which costs around 1,000 euros more but is relatively similar to the TH35C.

  • Despite having some drawbacks such as its weight, size, and battery solution, it is still an attractive product due to its price point and image quality. Hikmicro appears to be making progress with future generations of their devices that could resolve issues with adapters and batteries.

Himkicro thermal devices

Hikmicro, formerly Hikvision, is a manufacturer of CCTV and other security technologies. In 2020 they released their Thunder TH35C thermal clip-ons, which followed their previous Owl line. Their products include clip-on and standalone thermal riflescopes that can be found under several different manufacturers' names.

Physical Properties of Hikmicro Thunder 35C

The Thunder 35C is a large and heavy thermal clip-on with an objective lens diameter of 35mm and an aperture of f/1. It has two tripod threads for mounting on Picatinny rails or any other surface and its magnesium casing is waterproof.

The Thunder 35C is a device powered by two CR123A batteries with a startup time of seven seconds and a longer ready-to-use time.

The Thunder 35C thermal clip-on camera has image and video recording capabilities as well as a wifi connection to phones. It uses a vanadium oxide sensor with 384x288 resolution. The pixel pitch is 17 microns, and the refresh rate is 50 Hz.

Hikmicro produces its own thermal cores and has a display with a resolution of 1024x768, which is suitable for industry standards. The NETD of their sensor is 35 mK, which means that the details seen are very clear. The display also can operate in temperatures up to 50°C.

The Thunder TH35C device features six top buttons for various options and 16 gigabytes of internal memory. It has adjustable menus, such as contrast and color schemes, and calibration can be done manually or automatically. Be careful not to take the shot while calibrating because it will freeze the image and make it inaccessible.

Using the Thunder 35C as a Monocular or Clip-on

The Thunder TH35C can be used as a monocular or clip-on, but it is best suited for use as a clip-on.

Optical performance

The Hikmicro Thunder TH35C is a clip-on device that has an adjustable focus and a field of view of 175 meters on 1000 meters. It can detect targets up to 1,200 meters away and has four times digital zoom in monocular mode. For the best results with a riflescope, it should be used at two to three times magnification.

What's in the box?

  1. big soft bag

  2. charging cable type C

  3. instruction manual in multiple languages

  4. Two CR123A batteries

  5. cleaning cloth

  6. strap for the carry case


Thunder TH35C is made in China and it comes with a two years warranty.

Hikmicro Thunder TH35C Specifications

Thermal Clip-On SeriesHikmicro Thunder
Made inChina
In production since2020
Warranty3 years
Variable magnification Yes
Magnification. 1x
Min. magnification.1x
Max. magnification.1x
Diopter adjustment No
Lens size diameter. 35 mm
Field of view - FOV... 174m/1000m
Field of view (angular). 10°
Minimal field of view...0m/1000m
Maximal field of view...0m/1000m
Eye relief distance. 10mm
Closest focusing distance. 0m
Lens apertureF 1.0
Detection Range.1235m
Type of Thermal sensorUncooled FPA
Resolution of Thermal sensor384x288
Thermal sensor pixel count.0.11MP
Pixel pitch.17μm
NETD -Noise Equivalent Temp. Difference.35mK
Refresh Rate.50Hz
Calibration method No
Temperature sensitivity.35mK
Type of display OLED
Screen Resolution 1024×768
Display pixel count.0.79MP
Image capturing-
Resolution of an imageNo
Recording video-
Video resolutionNo
Output - videoNo
Length.153.2 mm
Width.62.5 mm
Height.59.2 mm
Working temperature range-20 °C ... 55 °C
Power Supply UnitCR123A
Battery lifespan.4h
Filled with -
Bayonet standardNo
Mounting StandardNo
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Automatic Turn Off -
Tripod compliant-
Built-in Compass No
Built in Range finderNo
Image stabilization (IS) No
Auto-Brightness Control (ABC) Yes


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