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Zeiss DiaScope 65 T* FL Spotting Scopes.

Zeiss Diascope 65 T* FL spotting scopes offer the same outstanding properties as bigger Zeiss Diascope 85 T* FL spotting scopes but in a lighter package. Because of this they are more suitable for traveling and use when they have to be moved more often. Similar as bigger brothers Diascope 65 T* FL spotting scopes are also class leading if judged by quality of fluoride glass used for lenses and other constructional glass elements, by quality of housing or innovative focusing mechanism. Same goes for optical properties which are also class leading and only very few competitors can offer similar level of quality. The main difference compared to 85mm lens model is that they do not offer the same abilities for dusk or dawn use. Housings of Diascope 65 T* FL spotting scopes are 100% waterproof and sealed against dust, outer lens surfaces are also protected with LotuTec coating, which repels water droplets and dust particles. For care free use of this spotting scopes at the lowest temperatures housings are filled with dry nitrogen and dew will never build up inside. Focusing is enabled with special dual-stage mechanism which offers incredible speed and accuracy of focusing.  

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