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    Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scopes.

    Vortex Razor HD spotting scopes are one of the best at the moment that you can buy on the market. Apo-chromatic system assures high resolution in the whole field of view, which places these spotting scopes among the best. Because of the HD glass, from which all the lenses are made, the light dispersion is small; the inner reflection neglectable and optical characteristics superb. The image is high contrast, high resolution and saturated with colours. Accurately made lenses are also coated with special multilayer coatings which improves the contrast and resolution even more. The spotting scopes are also filled with nitrogen and sealed with o-ring to enable carefree usage even under most extreme environment, like snow, low temperatures and rain. Also the lenses are protected from dirt, water droplets, oil and small damage with specially design outer lens coating.

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