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Vortex Vulture HD Binoculars.


Description of Vortex Vulture HD Binoculars

Vortex Vulture HD series are very durable roof-prism designed binoculars that makes your images brighter with incredible light transmission. Superior low-light performance is achieved by 56 mm objective lenses with 15x, 10x and 8x magnifications that covers wide variety of use - from big open areas for long-range observations to densely wooden areas for short-range observations. Full sized lenses will help you in extreme low-light situations therefore ideal when observing the game at dawn and dusk. Larger lenses also mean bigger and heavier binoculars hence are recommended to be mounted to a tripod for steadier applications.


The best features

Together with high-performing optical features, good protection is also a key factor for making this Vulture a must-have. Vulture HD boasts itself with argon gas purged construction instead of nitrogen, so internal fogging due to sudden temperature changes will never be an issue. O-ring seals took care of max protection against moisture and water so you can use this Vulture in extreme weather conditions such as the rain, hurricane and snow. ArmorTek ultra hard external lens armor is also protecting the Vulture against scratches and smudges. Due to its heaviness, these binoculars require stronger hands and are suitable for steadier observations mounted on tripod adaptable screw using standard ¼-inch (6.35 mm) threading. We can’t go past the hard rugged rubber armor that helps these binoculars to withstand impacts and abrasions, making it extremely durable for generations to come.


Optical properties


Optical properties of this Vulture HD are incredible. Full-sized 56 mm lenses provide amazing image brightness with a help of an advanced optic technology and different coatings. Fully multi-coated lenses with XR coatings are increasing light transmission and eliminate internal reflection for clearer images. Vulture HD has also phase correction for incredible resolution and enhanced contrast. Vulture also provides high density (HD) glass that enhances contrast and makes lifelike colors for amazing viewing experience. Quick and smooth focus are achieved by central focus wheel and central diopter for fine-tune.


Other features and accesories

Vortex HD binoculars soft tapered twist-up eyecups with three click-stops that helps with comfortable use with or without glasses. Other accessories are rainguards and tethered objective lens covers that can be easely installed. For comfortable carrying around the neck Vulture HD includes a padded strap and also protective case for storage.



The series has 3 different sizes of models for wide variety of purposes. Magnifications are 15x, 12x and 8x with 56mm lenses for observations at daytime, dusk and dawn suitable for bird watchers, hunters and shooters.


Features of Vortex Vulture HD Binoculars

  • Rugged rubber armor coating
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • XR anti-reflective coatings
  • HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass
  • ArmorTek ultra hard lens armor
  • Phase-corrected prisms
  • BaK-4 prisms
  • Soft tapered twist-up eyecups
  • Central focus wheel
  • Central diopter
  • Tripod adaptable screw
  • O-ring seals
  • Waterproof and fog-proof construction (Argon gas purged)
  • VIP Warranty: Vortex unconditional unlimited lifetime warranty


Accessories of Vortex Vulture HD Binoculars

  • Rainguards
  • Nylon protective case for storage
  • Padded strap for easy carrying
  • Tethered objective lens covers


Available models of Vortex Vulture HD Binoculars

Vulture HD 15x56

 Long range observation model in low light conditions, best used on a tripod

Vulture HD 10x56

 Long range observation model in low light conditions, best used on a tripod

Vulture HD 8x56

 Long range observation model in low light conditions, best used on a tripod


Warranty Terms and Conditions

Vortex Company also provides VIP Warranty (Very Important Promise to you): unconditional unlimited lifetime warranty free of any charge, without filling out the warranty card or hanging on the receipt. That means your Vulture HD is meant to last for generations.

You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link:


No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you.


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