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Vixen Atrek Binoculars.

Unlike many of Vixen Optics other ranges that are either specifically designed for astronomy or designed as astronomy binoculars that can also be used for terrestrial uses, the comprehensive Atrek range is the other way around: This mid-price, high-quality series consists of sports binoculars that are made primarily with uses like birding, wildlife observation and hunting in mind, but can of course also be suitable for stargazing. Within this series, there are also two levels of the instrument, the standard Atrek DCF binoculars and the higher specification Vixen Atrek II that contain a number of upgrades, including the use of Field Flattener Lens in the eyepieces.

Important Features

Whilst the standard and less expensive compact models are made in China, the mid-size and full-size Atrek and Atrek II binoculars are made in Japan. Common features on the whole Atrek series of binoculars include a tough rubber armor exterior that provides both protection and improves grip. The roof prism models have a single bridge design and all models have a fully sealed chassis and are Nitrogen gas filled for complete water and for proofing. Twist-up eyecups are both comfortable and adjustable to suit your particular needs and all models have a right eye diopter adjustment ring so the instrument can be calibrated to compliment your exact vision. A large centrally located focus wheel makes it easy to make accurate and rapid focal adjustments and the central hinge enables you to match the eyecups to the distance between your eyes. Vixen Atrek binoculars are also tripod adaptable should you want to achieve a completely steady view.

Optical Properties

Atrek binoculars are made with a fully multi-coated optical pathway, meaning that every lens surface has multiple layers of an anti-reflection material applied to them which drastically improves both image brightness and quality when compared to those that have only single layer on some lens surfaces. Both the roof and Porro prisms are made from BaK-4 optical glass that improves on the BK7 glass used on lesser products. The Atrek II models feature higher specification field flattener lenses within the eyepieces that are able to deliver sharper images spanning the entire field of view.  


All Vixen Atrek binoculars come bundled with the usual assortment of accessories. This comprises a protective carry case, padded neck strap, lens caps for the objective lenses, a rain-guard for the eyepieces and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Features of Vixen Atrek Binoculars

  • Single Bridge Body Design
  • 'BaK-4 Prism Glass'
  • 'Roof Prism and Porro Prism Options Available'
  • 'Field Flattener Lens in the eyepieces (Atrek II Models)'
  • '25mm, 30mm 32mm, 50mm, and 56mm Options'
  • 'Fully Multi-Coated Anti-Reflection Optics'
  • 'Waterproof & Fogproof (Nitrogen Filled)'
  • 'Rubber Armour Exterior'
  • 'Large Central Focus Wheel'
  • 'Right-eye Diopter Adjustment'
  • 'Twist-Up Eyecups'
  • 'Tripod Adaptable'

Accessories of Vixen Atrek Binoculars

  • Carry Case
  • Neck Strap
  • Objective Lens Covers
  • Ocular Lens Cover
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Manual & Warranty Information

Warranty Terms and Conditions

A very reassuring lifetime warranty from Vixen Optics comes as standard with all Atrek series binoculars which means that they will be repaired or replaced at no cost should there be some accidental damage or manufacturing fault.  


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