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Steiner Safari Ultrasharp Binoculars

The diverse Safari Ultrasharp series form German brand Steiner is aimed at just about any traveller, sports enthusiast, or nature lover on the lookout for a great value for money, but high performance binocular.

Within this range, you will find standard sized 42 mm roof prism binoculars, mid-size 30 mm, and 25 mm Porro prism models as well as 26mm roof prism compacts and the tiny Ultrasharp 8x22 pocket binocular.

Important Features

All binoculars within the Safari Ultrasharp range are built around Steiner’s super tough polycarbonate Makrolon housing that is designed to survive 11 Gs of impact. On top of this chassis, Steiner has added their NBR-Longlife rubber armour. This adds further protection to the optics and provides a comfortable, high grip surface to hold onto. The high level of protection continues in the form of O-ring seals that make the binocular completely waterproof and with their nitrogen filled interiors, they are also fogproof as well.

Steiner Ultrasharp binoculars also use their excellent ClicLoc strap attachment system that makes it both easier and quicker to add or remove the neck strap from the instrument.

Optical Properties

Compact models incorporate Steiner’s advanced UV coatings and all models have a high-contrast optical system that produces a bright image with true-to-life colour reproduction and a high contour sharpness that is designed to maintain an exceptional optical performance around outdoor activities.

The Porro prism Safari Ultrasharp binoculars use the Steiner Sports-Auto-Focus system. Sometimes referred to as focus free or individual focus binoculars it means that these binoculars have an incredibly long depth of view and each eyepiece has a diopter adjuster. So once you have configured them to match your particular eyesight, no further focal adjustments are necessary as everything from around 20 meters, right to infinity will remain in focus. What is more, some models also feature their Sports-Auto-Focus Plus hybrid system that makes the binocular even more versatile as they also include a centre focusing wheel that reduces the minimum close focus distance to only 2 meters!

The optics on these Steiner binoculars are also fully multi-coated which is excellent, as it means every air to glass surface has multiple layers of special anti-reflection coatings that assist in the transmission of light for brighter as well as sharper views.


Steiner Safari Ultrasharp Binoculars all come with a protective carry case, lens cleaning cloth and comfortable Neoprene neck strap which attaches to the binocular using the excellent ClicLoc attachment system.

The Non-compact models are also bundled with protective covers for both the ocular land objective lenses. Made from NBR long-life rubber, they can be attached to the binocular using their ClicLoc quick release system.

Features of Steiner Safari Ultrasharp Binoculars

Common Features on All Models:

  • Fully Multi-Coated Anti-Reflection Optics
  • Non-slip NBR-Longlife Rubber Armour Protection
  • Waterproof & Fogproof (nitrogen-pressure-filled interior)
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Eyecups with Side Shields
  • Steiner ClicLoc Strap Attachment System

Compact Roof Prism Models:

  • Central Focus Wheel
  • Advanced UV Coatings
  • Double Hinge Design Body Design
  • Polycarbonate Makrolon Housing
  • Right-eye Diopter

Porro Prism Models:

  • Classical standard versions or add a Camouflage Zebra or Leopard pattern on Adventure Editions
  • Classical, But Ergonomic Porro Prism Shape
  • Steiner High Contras Optics
  • Sports-Auto-Focus & Central Focus Wheel Options
  • Right-eye Diopter & Individual Diopter Setting on both Eyepieces

42mm Roof Prism Adventure Edition:

  • Classical standard version or add a Camouflage Zebra or Leopard pattern
  • Single Bridge Body Design
  • Steiner High Contras Optics
  • Fast-Close-Focus Central Focusing Wheel
  • Twist-up Eyecups
  • Right-eye Diopter

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Steiner Safari Ultrasharp Binoculars are protected by the Steiner 10 year guarantee. This states that if your binocular defective for any reason other than deliberate misuse, Steiner will service or replace it at no charge to you and with no questions asked. Keep in mind that wear parts like the rubber armouring, carry straps, eyecups or lens covers are not included in this warranty.

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