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Sightmark Optics

The story of Sightmark begins in 2007, when the founder realized that many manufacturers do not meet the needs of modern shooters. At SHOT Show 2007, they set out their goal to use a new approach when it comes to riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision optics, mounts and, of course, tactical red dots. Sightmark accomplished its goal and carried through, as the company is now mostly known for its extremely wide offer of affordable red dot sights.

Sightmark Optics grew fast, and it keeps on growing, focusing on continuous betterment and breaking with tradition, which is valued by many professional and recreational users alike. From numerous patents to awards from industry media and business organizations, Sightmark has been used and praised by many, as they also received various patents and awards, including by the North American Hunting Club and the National Tactical Officers Association.

Sightmark offers products for tactical users, along with shooting competitors and hunters for a cost-effective price. Their products are accessible in more than 40 countries around the world and many more are to come, as Sightmark continues to flourish and expand. The staff believes that interaction with their partners and clients is the most important and this is also how they make sure the price-to-quality ratio stays upright.

Sightmark says “we are committed to bringing your outdoor, hunting, and shooting world into focus with world-class optic and firearm accessory solutions.” Their motto states “Make Your Mark”, and the company proved to stay true to its words – ensuring you make your mark every time and hit the target by designing high-quality products.

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