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Pulsar Axion Thermal Imaging Monoculars

Pulsar Axion Thermal Monocular Description

Pulsar Axions are remarkably lightweight and compact pocket-sized thermal monocular units which were released at the start of 2019 as a substitute for the Quantum Lite models which were discontinued in 2019.

Axions are more compact, lightweight and also unbefittingly more ergonomic than Quantum units. This product weights only about 250 – 300 grams which depend on the model. A novelty by itself is the housing of this device which is constructed from rugged magnesium. When talking about an ergonomic product Axion definitely has a say in it since it basically looks like a traditional rangefinder, however, with far more significant capabilities.

These thermal monoculars are fully waterproof and consequently carry an International Protection Marking 7 (IPX) which means that a unit is fully submersible for a certain amount of time (Pulsar states 30 minutes) in depth of circa 1 m. Pulsar has developed a new quick-change battery (APS3) especially for the Axion module which lasts up to 4 hours or more. An outer light-emitting diode (LED) has been adjoined with this device for a quick recognition to determine whether a unit is turned on or off. Brand new microsensor technology has been introduced with Axions which will be used in the development of their future products.

Sensor resolution is 320x240 with a new 12 μm pixel pitch while a Frame Rate will stay the same at 50 Hz. It is of paramount to understand that a combination of microsensor and 12 μm pixel pitch enables the Axion unit to perform tremendously well. Compact and lightweight build also give credit to the microsensor which allows an entire composition to be so small. Start-up time has been reduced to a mere 3 seconds which is one of the most lightning fast start-ups in the market of thermal monoculars. Axion unit is equipped with an external LED indicator.

Calibration is shaped in the same trend as with the Helion devices – automatic, semi-automatic and manual. There are four different Axion models available - XM30, XM38, and Key XM22, XM30. Key units don't feature a wi-fi and video recording software while the models which lack the „Key“ acronym indeed have such software plus an ability to connect a device to the Stream Vision mobile application which is compatible with Android and IOS. It is fairly easy to resemble between the Key XM and XM units. XM models feature a blue title and start-up button while the Key XM models have these in black color.

Axion XM has an enviable 16 GB of internal memory for a purpose of storing images and videos. When it comes to a display, Axion is available with an LCOS – 960x720 and a brand new HD AMOLED 1024x768 microdisplay. LCOS display is integrated into the Key XM models, while AMOLED is built in the XM units which lack the Key acronym. The HD AMOLED display is designed to face freezing temperatures all the way up to -25°C while LCOS display can stand up to -10°C.

With Axion, you are able to display a thermal image in 8 different colors. The White Hot and Black Hot are predominantly used for detection activities, Ultramarine and Rainbow display temperature differences of the observing object more significantly, Sepia and Violet color reduce eye fatigue especially when observing for a longer period of time.

Pulsar Axion Thermal Monocular features

  • 16 GB of internal storage
  • Quick-change APS3 battery
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic rangefinder-like
  • HD AMOLED microdisplay (XM30, XM38)
  • LCOS display (Key XM22, Key XM30)
  • Full waterproof – IPX7
  • 8 thermal color patterns (White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Red Monochrome, Rainbow, Ultramarine, Violet and Sepia)
  • Calibration modes (automatic, semi-automatic, manual)
  • 12 μm pixel pitch
  • 50 HZ frame rate
  • Built-in video & sound recorder (XM30, XM38)
  • Made from rugged magnesium
  • Stream Vision compatibility (XM30, XM38)


Pulsar Axion Thermal Monocular accessories

  • Axion Key Thermal Imaging Monocular unit
  • APS3 rechargeable battery
  • Mains charger
  • USB cable
  • Case
  • Hand strap
  • Quick start guide
  • Lens cloth
  • Warranty card

Pulsar Axion Thermal Monocular models


Video presentation of Pulsar Axion Thermal Monoculars





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