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    Nikon High Grade Light Binoculars.


    Description of Nikon HG L Binoculars


    Nikon HG L series offers High-Grade roof prism binoculars with incredible optical performance and durability. They are equipped with high quality coatings on the prism and lenses in this field flattening system, are also waterproof, fog-proof and have a great ergonomic for comfortable portability. They are suitable for bird watching, hunting, hiking, safari and other wildlife observations. HG L binoculars are definitely able to satisfy every professional and come in six different configurations, from the smallest pocket-size models, to compacts and all-rounders.


    Basic Features


    The exceptional comfort is a result of magnesium alloy chassis that significantly helps to reduce the weight but still offers great strength, which helps to prolong the life of binoculars immensely. Straight-through design of this roof prism models give you compact construction so you can easily hold them in your hands and carry them around for longer periods of time. The body is rubberized which helps to protect these binoculars against impacts and prevents the ingress of water, dust and other particles. Together with tight O-ring seals this features makes the HG L binoculars corrosion-free. They are also purged with Nitrogen gas, so the internal fogging on the lenses will never occur. HG L binoculars are able to give you crystal clear views even during the most challenging weather conditions, without the fear of damage. They are also equipped with tripod adaptable thread.


    Optical properties


    The supreme optical performance of HG L binoculars lies in the use fully multi-coated lenses, phase corrected coatings and silver prism coatings. These high-quality optical coatings help with great light transmittance and take care for crisp and clear view. All distortions such as chromatic aberration and reflections don’t stand a chance in spoiling the brilliance of these binoculars. Let’s not forget about the field flattening system that helps to reduce the curvature of the glass and enhances sharpness even at the edges of the field. To get a perfect eye-relief for you own needs, the HG L binoculars offer very long eye-relief design, that can also be adjusted for eye glass wearers. Eyecups are soft and rubberized, made out of environment-friendly materials, and offer twist-up click-stop mechanism. HG L series also offers central focusing mechanism with incredibly large wheel and smooth sliding for quick adjustments. There is also right-eye diopter that you can lock against unintentional rotation.




    The great HG L binoculars come in a leather case for storage and protection and padded neckstrap for carrying. There are also objective lens covers and rainguards for additional protection of the lenses.


    Features of Nikon HG L Binoculars


    • Magnesium Housing
    • Roof Prism
    • Fully Multi-Coated Eco-Glass
    • Phase Correction
    • Prism Coatings (Silver)
    • Bak4 Prisms
    • Central Focusing
    • Right-Eye Diopter (Lockable)
    • Twist-up Eyecups
    • Waterproof
    • Fog-proof (Nitrogen Filling)
    • Tripod Adaptable


    Accessories of Nikon HG L Binoculars


    • Leather Neckstrap
    • Case for Storage
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguards
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth


    Available models of Nikon HG L Binoculars


    HG L 8x20

    POCKET - Short range, daytime binoculars

    HG L 10x25

    POCKET – Long range, daytime binoculars


    Warranty Terms and Conditions


    Nikon offers 10 years of warranty for HG L series with Ten-Year-Limited Warranty Card. For the first 5 years the repair or replacement are fully covered, and in the further five years only replacement materials are covered, the cost for repair work is however charged. The warranty claim is non-transferable and the proof of purchase must be presented. Nikon warranty doesn’t cover damages due to mishandling, misuse, neglect or accidental damage. Wear items such as lens covers, straps and cases are not covered.

    You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link:


    No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you.


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