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    Tactical turrets


    Scopes meant for tactical applications have uncovered turrets that offer easy control over reticle elevation and windage. Click values on such turrets are visible and number of clicks for bullet drop compensation can be dialed fast and easy. Such turrets are especially useful in tactical situations where, usually, every target is at a difference distance and not more than a couple of shots are shot at each target. Such situations demand continuously changing of reticle position in the scope elevation and windage range. Turrets covered with caps are unpractical in such situations.

    Since the main purpose of tactical turrets is easy and often changing of elevation and windage position of the reticle, such turrets usually have numbers of clicks (or elevation in MOA or MRAD) clearly written on them. Resetting the turret to 0 when the rifle is zeroed is also a standard feature on such turrets. Tactical turrets are also distinguished from other types of rifle scope turrets, as the number of turns plays an important role in their usability.

    Tactical turrets on basic scopes, usually, have a high number of turns from one extreme of the elevation/windage range to another. Such turrets are called multi-turn turrets. However, tactical turrets on more advanced tactical scopes have a limited number of turns. The most common are single turn – ST and double turn – DT turrets. Double turn type turrets also have an indicator, which clearly shows in which turn the turret is located. Such advanced tactical turrets are especially useful when there is no room for error when dialing number of clicks for proper elevation adjustment.

    Advanced ST and DT tactical turrets often have a Zero Stop – ZS functionality, so when a user wants go back to turret position at which rifle is zeroed, the turret rotation is stopped at that setting.


    Video presentation of Tactical turrets



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