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Minox Sport Optics

MINOX company is probably best known for manufacturing spy cameras with the highest quality lenses in the world. They introduced the subminiature camera in 1922 and the first generation MINOX (Ur-MINOX) in 1936 by Walter Zapp. The idea was to implement the camera smaller than a cigar and weighing less than a cigarette lighter, redesigned through years and produced in Germany in 1948. The company is known as the first to produce camera monitor and spotting scope eyepieces.

From this luxury spy cameras, classic and digital cameras and photographic products, MINOX finally launched the first sports binoculars for hunting, bird watching and other outdoor activities. MINOX offers binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes with incredible optical performance and compact design. They also offer night vision binoculars and monoculars with top light gathering ability and weather instruments that are one of the smallest weather stations on the market.

MINOX company these days primarily focuses on miniaturized digital cameras and sports optics. Constant development and innovations won the company many awards, especially in design. Top of the class design and high-quality optics are the result of joint venture by two legendary Volkswagen Design and Minox. Incredible aesthetics and ergonomics makes the Minox products a real pleasure to use.


Minox Spotting Scopes Series

Minox Red Dot Sight Series

Minox Monoculars Series

Minox NV Monoculars Series

Minox Digi NV Monoculars

Minox Accessories Series

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