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Leica ERi Rifle Scopes.

Description of Leica ERi scopes


Leica started producing Leica ER scopes with 42mm lenses a couple of years ago and they gained a great reputation very quickly. Hunters worldwide loved the clear and bright optics in Leica ER 2.5-10x42 and Leica ER 3.5-14x42 scopes. The all-new Leica ERi riflescopes are a worthy successor of this excellent Leica line of scopes. The main difference and a notable upgrade is definitely a fine-tunable reticle illumination system for a low light use. This feature greatly increases the usability of these riflescopes, especially for European hunters who are used to hunting at dusk, dawn or even at night. The second major upgrade compared with the previous Leica ER series is the introduction of the new model with a 50mm lens, the Leica ERi 3-12x50. With a big objective lens, illuminated reticle and optical properties worthy of the Leica logo, this scope will definitely prove itself in many low light situations.

Since Leica ERi riflescopes were introduced only recently in 2013, they are packed with new technologies. One of such novelties is the Leica ballistic turret. With this turret system, (Leica has patented it as “rapid reticle adjustment”) you can easily adjust the scope for shots on longer distances. Leica offers 12 different direct dial rings that can be installed in the BDC turret and have engraved values for elevation corrections for shots up to 600 meters. This system is almost a “must have” for anyone hunting on terrains where shots longer than 200 meters are usual.


The summary of all features of the Leica ERi scope is gathered in the following list:

  • All weather resistant and highly reliable construction
  • Waterproof, Fog proof (nitrogen filled) and Shockproof housing
  • Adjustable illumination system designed for low light use and with auto turn-off
  • 4-time zoom factor
  • An option of mounting with Rail
  • An excellent light transmission rate
  • Extraordinary contrast for confident targeting
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Parallax free at 100 meters


Leica ERi series riflescope models

Leica is currently producing two models in the ERi series of scopes:


Mounting of Leica ERi Rifle scopes

Leica is offering ERi scopes with two different options of mounting. A standard version has to be mounted with 30mm mounting rings. Another option for mounting is the choice of the Leica ERi scopes with a known mounting rail. The standard used on Leica ERi scope equipped with rail is the established Zeiss ZM / VM rail. Rail mounting option offers better durability and reliability since these mounts are more robust than other mounting solutions. Advantage of the rail mounting is also that the scope is always correctly leveled.

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