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Leica Binoculars Accessories Series.

Leica made its first binoculars in 1907. Now, more than 110 years later, Leica is still a synonym for quality and innovation in the field of sport optics. Their creations were and remain a benchmark for other optics manufacturers up to this day.

Since it is only fair that quality binoculars are used in conjunction with a quality accessory, Leica has come up with various extras over the years.

Leica Neck strap for Monovid 8x20

Monovid is a small device that can be stashed in every pocket but in some situations, you risk dropping it if you keep on taking it out of your pocket and storing it back in. By using a neck strap, you will make sure that Monovid is secured and ready for immediate use.

Leica winged eyecups

For some users, the ambient light can be distracting when using binoculars. Winged Eyecups’ purpose is to minimize the glare of the sun one may experience with standard eyecups. For an impeccable optical experience, these are indispensable. Only available for Geovids HD-B, HD-R and both Noctivids.

Leica Neoprene carrying strap

These neoprene carrying straps, available in four different colours, will nicely supplement your optical device. Having your binoculars strapped eliminates the possibility of dropping them. The Leica logo, imprinted on the strap, is sure to attract the attention of passers-by.

Leica binoculars case (Swazi)

Swazi is a well-known outdoor equipment manufacturer with headquarters in New Zealand. This extremely handy binoculars case is an outcome of Leica’s collaboration with Swazi. Wind, moisture and dirt protection are ensured. Because the case is strapped tight against the body, the binoculars are always within reach and can be employed for observing in a matter of seconds.

Leica rope strap

This innovative strap will make sure that your binoculars (or camera) are safely secured (around your neck, hand, etc.) Inspired by sturdy mountaineering ropes, these rope straps were created in the latest collaboration between Leica and COOPH. They are available in four different colours: Fire, Glowing Red, Night, and Oasis; and two different lengths: 120 and 126 cm.

Leica Floating Carrying strap

All the Leica’s binoculars currently in production are waterproof to a depth of 5 m. When used on boats or near water, the floating carrying strap will ensure that these do not submerge when dropped into water. The vibrant orange colour adds to the conspicuousness – you will easily locate them. On top of that, the strap is very comfortable to wear, which makes it suitable even for Leica’s heaviest binoculars.

Leica Neoprene carrying strap ‘Sport’

These carrying straps are especially useful for hikers, climbers, and mountaineers. Once attached, the strap prevents the binoculars from swinging. The soft neoprene material ensures that carrying the binoculars, even the heavier ones, is not a strenuous experience. It is available in four colours: Black, Brown, Green, and Orange.

Leica Tripod adapter for Ultravid, Trinovid, Duovid

For those, who are often observing objects at a greater distance or simply want a perfect, steady view through their binoculars, a tripod is a perfect accessory. Especially useful for binoculars with a magnification of 10x or greater, a tripod will provide for an optimal observing experience. This tripod is compatible with the Trinovid, Ultravid and Duovid series.

Leica adventure strap

This accessory was added to the scope of delivery of Trinovid HD and soon became a huge hit. For this reason, Leica added the option of purchasing it as a separate accessory. There are two sizes to choose from – M (Trinovid, Ultravid) and L (Noctivid, Geovid). A great add-on for hiking, traveling, camping, etc.

Leica Ever ready case for Binocular 10x25

Even the pocket Leica binoculars are of the premium quality and thus deserve a proper case. This leather case will provide full protection for your binoculars and attract plenty of attention because of its stylish design. Suitable for the 10x25 models

Leica Ever ready case for Binocular 8x20

Even the pocket Leica binoculars are of the premium quality and thus deserve to be stored in a proper case. This leather case will provide full protection for your binoculars and attract plenty of attention because of its stylish design. Suitable for the 8x20 models.

Leica binoculars case (Aneas)

This product is an outcome of the collaboration between Leica and Aneas. The latter is a French company that makes bags, cases and similar out of high-quality materials. Stylish and elegant, these bags made from the finest-quality canvas will provide full protection for your binoculars with an objective lens diameter of 42 mm. The case is available in two colours: Brown and Green.

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