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Kahles Helia C Rifle Scopes.

Kahles Helia C has been a famous name for generations and nothing indicates this trend to change. The Helia C name was given to the world’s first waterproof riflescope and the same name was given to the first riflescope with multi coated lenses. The Kahles Helia C riflescopes have remained to this day a reference point for all competitors. Whether we talk about light transmission or image sharpness and quality, Kahles Helia C riflescopes are still class leading products. The quality of Kahles Helia C riflescopes is still confirming itself and the field of view properties are class leading. The reticle is placed in the first focal plane in order to use the riflescope in darkness and moonlight. Kahles Helia C riflescopes are all nitrogen filled and can therefore be used even in extremely low temperatures with no worries of dew accumulation on the inside. Like throughout its history,  Kahles being one of the oldest riflescopes manufacturers in the world, the riflescopes Kahles Helia C are to this day a synonym for robust design, endurance and quality. The warranty period of 30 years without restrictions just proves this fact.  

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