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    Hensoldt Sport Optics

    Hensoldt is a German company that manufactures riflescopes, spotting scopes, red dot sights and night-vision optics. The expertise and technological headway of this manufacturer is based on decades of efforts made by the company founder Moritz Carl Hensoldt, a German pioneer of optics and precision mechanics. He devoted his life to translating the scientific advancements of his age into useful products. Among other things, he manufactured classic binoculars and telescopes. After his death, the company was taken over the famous Carl Zeiss in 1928. Due to the merger, Hensoldt and Zeiss then underwent near parallel development for many years. There was even a time when identical binoculars could be bought a Zeiss product or under Hensoldt name. The third major shift occurred when Hensoldt acquired one of the German company Airbus’ divisions. The transfer of knowledge was substantial, as the company primarily worked in the sector of home defense and security electronics. In 2017, Hensoldt also took over the German company EuroAvionics and benefited from the work expertise of the British radar specialist Kelvin Hughes. Hensoldt still operates as a subsidiary of the Zeiss Group. The two companies share a building in Wetzlar and while Zeiss caters to hunters and more casual users of sport optics, Hensoldt focuses its production on tactical optics.


    Hensoldt Rifle Scopes Series

    Hensoldt Red Dot Sights Series

    Hensoldt NV Clip-on Series

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