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Fujinon Sport Optics

Fujinon is a branch of Fujifilm, a Japanese company with headquarters in Tokyo. They specialize in photography and other imaging. Fujinon lenses that were first introduced in 1960s that we can find in cameras and binoculars are one of the most widely used in the world. With over 50 years of experience, exceptional quality and innovative manufacturing using the best materials and solutions developed unique product in visual world. In the 1970 Fujinon integrated fluoride corrected chromatic aberration glass elements (CaF2), in 1980s developed special Floating System (FS) that corrected curvature of the lens and improved resolution in the corners and in the 1990s they introduced special glass with Aspheric Lenses (AT and AT2)

Special Fujinon lenses nowadays are integrated in many different products such as satellites optics, mobile phone camera lenses, digital cameras and binoculars. Fujinon lenses in binoculars are using EBC coatings, that increases light transmission rate by keeping down reflection. The view-through is incredibly bright even on larger binoculars that helps to discover comets. Fujinon company is environmentally friendly, using eco-glass. The construction of binoculars is waterproof and completely protected when facing the harsh weather conditions.


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Fujinon 25x150 MT-SX


Fujinon 25x150 ED-SX


Fujinon 25x150 EM-SX


Fujinon 40x150 ED-SX


Fujinon KF 7x28 H


Fujinon 8x32 LF


Fujinon 10x32 LF


Fujinon HCF 8x32


Fujinon HCF 10x32


Fujinon KF 10x42 W


Fujinon 8x42 MF


Fujinon 10x42 MF


Fujinon HCF 8x42


Fujinon HCF 10x42

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Fujinon 7x50 WPC-XL

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Fujinon 7x50 WP-XL


Fujinon HB 12x60


Fujinon HB 15x60


Fujinon 10x70 MT-SX-2

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