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Flir Optics

FLIR stands for “Forward-Looking Infrared”, an acronym used in the flying industry. In 1978 the American company from Oregon took the acronym for their name and they’ve been ever since. FLIR is known for the production of infrared devices, thermal cameras, and sensors. The headquarters of FLIR is in Oregon, but the production plants are located all over the world (Canada, United Kingdom, Estonia, Sweden, Norway). FLIR mostly manufactures products for professional use, but there are also some products that are made for civilians. FLIR products are very popular and dominant in the USA -but not so much in Europe. They are facing some difficulties on the European market because of strict European laws. There is a special law which states that thermal products with a refresh rate higher than 9 Hz can’t be sent to Europe. This is the main reason why FLIR isn’t very successful in the European market.


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