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Docter Unipoint Rifle Scopes


Docter Unipoint Rifle Scope Description

Docter Unipoint Rifle Scope series combine state of the art electronics, advanced illumination system, top quality optics and reliable-accurate mechanics. Unipoint Rifle scopes incorporate last research achievements made by Docter and enable user to hunt in many situations when other scopes fail. The main qualities for which Docter Unipoint scopes are known for:

  • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful calibers)
  • Waterproof and Nitrogen purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
  • Parallax free at 100 m
  • Diopter setting of +/- 2.5 degrees on the eye-piece (Fast Focus)
  • Very High Light Transmission: >92% (DOCTER® multitop fully multicoated)
  • High resolution – sharpness right to the edge of the field of view
  • True 1x magnification (1-4x24 model) for “red dot” aiming with both eyes
  • Advanced Illumination system
  • Innovative reticle design (SFP dot, FFP reticle bars)


Docter Illumination system

The most important part of Docter Unipoint line of Rifle scopes is definitely their high tech illumination system combined with an innovative reticle design. A short review of Unipoint illumination system can be seen in this VIDEO. Illumination is controlled by “tipcontrol” – a red button on the left side turret on the scope and enables easy use even when wearing gloves. Illumination intensity can be adjusted from dim low light settings to day light setting for use on driven hunts or safari. General characteristics of Unipoint illumination system are:

  • Day time usable illuminated dot (bright enough even for the most challenging use on the safari)
  • Precisely adjustable intensity for low light use
  • Control with a push of a button
  • Automatic shut down after 180 minutes of idle – saves battery life
  • Memory function (retains last intensity setting for the next use)


    Another very special feature of the Unpoint Rifle Scopes is the reticle design which has illuminated dot in the second focal plane – SFP and reticle bars in first focal plane – FFP. This enables that on low magnification setting reticle bars are not thick and that the dot covers bigger part of the target. Most suitable for close range and aiming on targets in movement. On higher magnification settings however the illuminated dot covers less targets and reticle bars become thicker – perfect for precise long range shots or for use in very low light. You can see this efect in this VIDEO.


    Docter Unipoint scopes configurations

    Docter Unipoint Riflescopes are available in the following configurations:

    • 1-4x24 – prefect choice for driven hunts and both eyes open aiming
    • 1.5-6x24 – scope meant for driven hunt and stalking
    • 2.5-10x50 – meant for stalking, long range and also low light hunting
    • 3-12x56 – low light scope for raised hide hunting


      Mounting of Docter Unipoint Rifle Scopes

      Docter Unipoint scopes are available with two different mounting solutions. Apart from the standard 30mm tubular mounting these scopes are also available with modern inner mounting rail named Docter Z inside rail. The standard for this rail is identical as well-known Zeiss ZM / VM rail.


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