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Docter Comfort Rifle Scopes


Docter Comfort Rifle Scope Description

Docter Comfort Rifle Scopes are the latest addition to the Docter range of products. What Docter started with their Docter Sight III “red dot” sights is now available also in the scopes for driven hunt. With research and development they have advanced the illumination system of these rifle scopes in a way that intensity of the red dot in the reticle is automatically adjusted to the environmental light. “Auto intense” system detects the brightness in the area of the target and sets the perfect intensity of the illuminated reticle. This way the reticle is never over-illuminated or under-illuminated and the marksman can focus only on aiming. Docter Comfort illumination system however also offers 5 different customization levels for adjusting the system functioning and tailoring it to individual user eye perception.


Docter Comfort Illumination system

Illumination system features at a glance are:

  • Automatic illumination intensity control (depending on the brightness of the target area)
  • Individual adjustment of the system brightness
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, Fogproof construction
  • Real 1x magnification
  • Position control for illumination switch–off (75° vertical, 45° horizontal)
  • Automatic switch off after 3 hours
  • Low battery power indicator
  • Great optical properties



Watch VIDEO review of Docter Comfort illumination system.


For the time being Docter Comfort illumination system is only offered on 1-4x24 model which is in other technical aspects the same as Docter Unipoint 1-4x24.


Mounting of Docter Comfort Rifle Scope

Mounting of these scopes is possible with wide range of 30mm mounting rings.


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