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MAKuick One-piece Mount, Blaser R8, Picatinny rail

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MAKuick One-piece Mount, Blaser R8, Picatinny rail Details

MAKuick One-piece Mount, Blaser R8, Picatinny rail
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MAKuick One-piece Mount, Blaser R8, Picatinny rail Specifications

Mount seriesMAKuick
Suitable forBlaser R8
Mount TypeDetacheable mounts
Scope / Sight typePicatinny rail
BH height2.5 mm
Adjustable windageN/A
Mounts FashionN/A
Warranty30 years
Made inGermany
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Reviews for MAKuick One-piece Mount, Blaser R8, Picatinny rail

A very nice rail - If a little on the heavy side. By
This rail is a good quality, solid bit of kit. If a bit on the heavy side. From what I can tell, the position of the rail can be biased forward or back by removing a couple of hex bolts, positioning the rail on the mount according to the desired bias, then replacing the two bolts. This effectively increasing the length of an already relatively long rail. I in my case I didn't need to do this however.

(Posted on 09/05/2016)

Great mount By
I am using Burris Eliminator scope on this mounts and could not be more happy with it. It return back to zero without problems and it is really well made.

Optics Trade service and comunication was also excelent when I ordered this mount.

(Posted on 18/01/2016)

Great product, a bit expensive By
I've been using MAKuick mounts for the Blaser R8 platform since 2013 and I can say that they are the best for my needs.

I own 2 original Blaser and 4 MAK mounts for my Blaser R8 platform. Craftsmanship on these beasts is second to none. I favor them both over the original Blaser and the Innomount ones.

The only thing I would change on these mounts are the rigs: I would make them 50%-50% half rings instead of the current 40%-60% construction. This type of ring construction can end up scratching your scope when you mount the top half of the ring. However, both Blaser and Innomount go for the same 40%-60% half rings construction, so there is nothing better on the market at this point.

Pricey? Hell, yeah!
But lower than competition, though.

Optics Trade packaging/delivery service? Impeccable!
It takes them 3-4 business days to reach me here in Romania. Optics Trade HQ, as you probably know, is in Slovenia. I can tell you that even the Germans can't beat that timeframe and they export loads of stuff, so they should have better carriers!

Optics Trade after market service level? Excellent!
At one point, MAK packed a blaser aimpoint mount with the wrong adapter in the original package. So i ended up w/ an unusable mount. Took some pics, emailed them to Optics Trade and in not time another mount with the correct adapter plate was on its way. They even sent the carrier to pick up the wrong one w/o any costs on my part. Now, we all mess things up from time to time. The difference is in the approach we take when trying to fix the mess. I can tell you that on this side of the pond, Europe that is, screw-ups service level is kinda lacking. Not with Optics Trade. I almost felt like States side, where the service level is what keeps businesses in business.

Best from Romania!

(Posted on 18/01/2016)

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