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Leica Duovid 8+12x42 Zoom Binoculars

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Leica Duovid 8+12x42 Zoom Binoculars Details


  • Excellent (9/10)

Leica Duovid 8+12x42 Zoom Binoculars are fully functional and were used as a demo product for approximately 1 year. They were on display in our store and were used for presentations. 

Signs of use

Leica Duovid 8+12x42 Binoculars have minimal external signs of use as they were only used for testing. The binoculars have small visible traces of use on the focusing ring. 

The package includes

  • Leica Duovid 8+12x42 Binoculars,

  • original box, 

  • leather bag, 

  • instruction manual, 

  • ocular cover,

  • carrying strap. 

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In Duovid series there are two models, 8+12x42 and 10+15x50 and these two are the only zoom binoculars with variable magnification produced by the premium class manufacturer. Leica introduced them in 2001.

  • Duovids are the only “zoom binoculars” of the premium class manufacturer
  • Leica Duovid binoculars can be used in two different magnifications that are easy to switch
  • Their optical performance is outstanding – Leica used only the best coatings for lenses to assure vivid colors, high-resolution and true-to-life image
  • Wonderful design and build quality
  • Useful for hunting in difficult, unpredictable conditions

About the Duovid series

Often, zoom binoculars are quite demanding to make and have several problems with the synchronization of the focusing system. Leica managed to solve this problem simply by allowing only two possible magnifications on the Duovid binoculars and not a continuous magnification range. Simply put, the binoculars can be used with 8x (10x) or 12x (15x) magnification and all that can be seen in between is unclear and blurred. Set your diopter value (ADC Automatic diopter) and switch between the two magnifications. When switching, the image remains in focus so re-focusing will not be needed.

Usually, zoom binoculars are known for being of lower quality and bulky, but Leica Duovid impresses with its compactness and excellent optical performance. There should be no doubt about the quality of the product when buying one of these, since they are Fully Multicoated and have Roof prisms with phase-correction coatings P40, HDC coating (Highly Durable Coating) for increased resistance of external lens surfaces, and HighLux-System HLS™ for the ultimate image brightness, vivid colors and a high-contrast. The field of view is wide and the optical performance given by these binoculars is unique and versatile at the same time.

Leica Duovid binoculars are solidly made, but very elegant and classic-looking, with smooth, ergonomically shaped armoring. They are completely sealed and filled with nitrogen gas for water and fog resistance. Duovid binoculars have multi-position eye-cups offering 3 click-stops.

Since Zoom binoculars are very rare, they are also less-known and therefore less popular among binocular enthusiasts and other optical device users.

All Duovid models are made in Germany.

About the model 8+12x42

This model offers switch-over magnification from 8x to 12x42. When viewing with 8x magnification, the image is steady. 12x magnification gives you a more detailed image but it is recommended to mount the binoculars on a tripod for easier observation. The binoculars are great for scanning smaller objects and detailed observation even over long distances and in low-light situations.

  • Good for birdwatchers and hunters, great for observing in the dusk
  • Two magnifications without the need of re-focusing when switching
  • Elegant ergonomic shape, comfortable
  • Premium optics, patented Roof/Schmidt-Pechan prisms, wide field of view
  • Magnesium chassis, rubberized, high-quality internal mechanics
  • Waterproof, shockproof, nitrogen purged, HDC lens coatings
  • 10 years of warranty


The product comes with 10 years of warranty. You can read more about the warranty policy here.

Leica Duovid 8+12x42 Zoom Binoculars Specifications

Binoculars seriesLeica Duovid
Made inGermany
In production since 2001
Warranty5 years
Type of prism Roof - Schmidt/Pechan
Variable magnification Yes
Magnification. 8.95x
Min. magnification.8.87x
Max. magnification.12x
Diopter adjustment +3 / -3 dpt
Lens size diameter. 42mm
Exit pupil. 5.88mm
Minimal exit pupil.3.5mm
Maximal exit pupil.5.25mm
Field of view - FOV... 132.08m/1000m
Field of view (angular). 6.76°
Apperent FOV (angular).
Minimal field of view...90m/1000m
Maximal field of view...118m/1000m
Eye relief distance. 16.23mm
Minimal eye relief.14.5mm
Maximal eye relief.14.5mm
Closest focusing distance. 3.92m
Twilight Factor 18.33 / 22.5
Light transmittance
Relative Brightness 27.56
Lens coatings Fully Multicoated
Working temperature range
Filled with Nitrogen
Focusing system Central
Diopter setting locationOn both eye-pieces
Minimal interpupillary distance.61.71
Maximal interpupillary distance.83.03
Type of BodySingle hinge
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Tripod compliantNo
Built-in Compass No
Built in Range finderNo
Image stabilization (IS) No
Able to float No


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