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Kowa Genesis/XD 10.5x44

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Kowa Genesis/XD 10.5x44 Details

Whilst the difference is not massive, the slightly higher magnification on these binoculars means that you are presented with just that little more image detail than what you would normally achieve with your more traditional 10x42 mm binocular.

What is more, because Kowa has also slightly increased the size of the objective lenses from the more traditional 42 mm to 44 mm, these binoculars are able to capture more light and thus even though they are more powerful, they still manage to produce the same size exit pupil. This indicates that not only will you be presented with more detail and a brighter image in good light, but they will also have the same low light capabilities as a binocular with the standard 10x42 setup.

Also worth mentioning is that even though these lenses are larger, it is only by a small amount and therefore, Kowa has still managed to produce a binocular that is just about the same size and weight as your typical high-end 42mm alternative.

This is all excellent news for the outdoor enthusiast, wildlife observer or hunter looking for an instrument that will give them a little more reach, but without having to either accept a loss in performance when light conditions are not ideal or having to carry about a binocular that is considerably larger and heavier.

Although not quite as long as the eye-relief on the 8.5x44 version, the 16 mm that you get with these binoculars should still be just about enough for most eyeglass wearers to achieve the full image by twisting down the eyecups, and like the Kowa 8.5x44, these to have an excellent close focus distance of only 1.7m making them suitable for the study of things like butterflies from very close range.

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Kowa Genesis/XD 10.5x44 Specifications

Binoculars seriesKowa Genesis
Prism type Roof - Schmidt/Pechan
Variable magnification No
Magnification. 11.9916x
Lens diameter. 44mm
Exit pupil 4.2 mm
Eye relief 160 mm
Min. eye relief.0mm
Exit pupil.0mm
Field of view 108 m/1000m
Field of view.0m / 1000m
Field of view (deg.) 6.2°
Apparent field of view (deg.)
Close focus 1.7 m
Twilight Factor 21.5
Relative Brightness 17.6
Light transmission
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Diopter range
Focusing system Central
Filled with Nitrogen
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Floatable No
Temperature range
Built-in rangefinderNo
Compass No
Image stabilizer No
Length165 mm
Width138 mm
Interpupillary distance
Weight960 g
In production since
Warranty10 years
Made inJapan
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