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Jahnke NSV Kompakt 1x56

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Jahnke NSV Kompakt 1x56 Details

Jahnke NSV Kompakt 1x56
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Jahnke NSV Kompakt 1x56 Specifications

IIT Generation Gen. 2
Photocathode typeHyper Gen., Onyx, Selected Tube, Super Gen.
Expected lifespan10000 h (Selected Tube, Super Gen.), 15000 h (Onyx, Hyper Gen.)
Magnification. 1x
Lens diameter. 56mm
Lens aperture-
Exit pupil. 0mm
Eye relief. 0mm
Field of view (deg.)-
Field of view. 0m / 1000m
Apparent field of view (deg.)-
Close focus. 0m
Min. resolution 45 lp/mm (Selected tube), 60 lp/mm (Super Gen.), 68 lp/mm (Hyper Gen., Onyx)
Max. resolution -
Max. resolution.0
Signal to noiseNo
Photosensitivity450 μA/lm (Selected Tube), 600 μA/lm (Super Gen.), 700 μA/lm (Onyx, Hyper Gen.)
Gain -
Range of detection -
Range of detection.0
Automatic Brightness Control No
Bright Light Cut-off No
Auto Turn-Off No
Built-in IR illuminator-
IR Illuminator wavelength -
Equivalent IR Power-
Power SupplyNo
Battery life-
Filled with Nitrogen
Waterproof -
Relative humidity-
Fogproof Yes
Temperature range-
NV Monocular SeriesJahnke NSV Kompakt
Made inGermany
In production since-
Warranty2 years
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