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EAW Steel Picatinny rail, Remington 700, 78 LA

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EAW Steel Picatinny rail, Remington 700, 78 LA Details

About Picatinny Rail

The Picatinny rail system is engineered with slots spaced precisely 5.23 mm apart, ensuring consistent and versatile usage along its entire length. This design allows for easy mounting and universal compatibility, meaning accessories designed for a Picatinny rail will fit perfectly, regardless of the manufacturer or production date. Valued for its affordability, durability, and reliability, the Picatinny rail has become a preferred choice among professionals and military personnel, dominating the scope mounts market in recent years.

The Picatinny design represents a significant improvement over the older Weaver standard. While the Weaver system has only a few predetermined slots, the Picatinny rail features continuous slots across its surface, offering greater flexibility for mounting devices at any location. Additionally, the slots on a Weaver rail are narrower, at 3.8 mm, which means scope mounts designed for Weaver rails can fit on a Picatinny rail. However, mounts specifically made for Picatinny rails do not fit on Weaver rails due to the size difference of recoil stoppers. This compatibility and versatility position the Picatinny rail as a superior mounting solution for various applications.

About the EAW

Founded in 1919, EAW is Germany's oldest active manufacturer of scope mounts and is globally recognized for its innovative, high-quality scope mounts. The company offers an array of Picatinny rails, meticulously designed to ensure a seamless integration with various rifle models. These rails provide a secure and precise fit, optimizing the positioning of optical devices. Renowned for their durability and reliability, EAW's Picatinny rails are highly favored by both professionals and firearms enthusiasts. Despite their superior quality, these mounts come at a higher cost.

About the Remington

Founded in 1816, Remington is America's oldest gun manufacturer. Originally established by Eliphalet Remington II, the company started by making flintlock rifles for personal use. It quickly gained fame after Remington's rifle performed well in a shooting contest, leading to its first orders. Over the years, Remington expanded significantly, especially during wartime, supplying firearms like the M1903A3 Springfield, and developing other products, including typewriters and ammunition. Today, Remington remains a major player in the firearms industry, celebrated for its innovation and quality.

About the 700 LA

The Remington 700 LA (Long Action) is a robust push-feed bolt-action rifle first produced in 1962. This model features a plunger-style ejector and a two-position safety catch located on the upper right side of the handle above the trigger guard. The rifle is capable of holding three to six rounds depending on the model, with adjustable triggers for improved shooting accuracy. It is designed with four mounting holes, two at the front and two at the rear. The Remington 700 LA is available in barrel lengths of 559 mm (22-inch) and 610 mm (24-inch).


Remington 700 LA is available in the following variants:

  • Model 700 Long Range Stainless
  • Model 700 5-R Stainless Threaded
  • Model 700 5-R Stainless Threaded Gen 2
  • Model 700 Stainless 5-R
  • Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD
  • Model 700 SPS Tactical
  • Model 700 Sendero SF II
  • Model 700 SPS Stainless
  • Model 700 SPS
  • Model 700 Long Range
  • Model 700 XCR Tactical
  • Model 700 CDL SF


Remington 700 LA is chambered for the following calibers:

  • .220 Swift
  • 6mm Rem.
  • .25-06 Rem.
  • .270 Win.
  • 7mm Rem. Mag.
  • .280 Rem.
  • 7mm RUM
  • .30-06 Spr.
  • .300 Win. Mag.
  • .300 RUM
  • .338 Win. Mag.
  • .338 RUM
  • .35 Whelen
  • .375 H&H Mag.
  • .375 RUM


20 MOA inclination is only needed when the scope runs out of elevation. For example, when shooting at the range of 100 m, shooter gains 58.2 cm / 100 m of additional elevation range with a 20 MOA mount. This is approximately 5.8 Mrad of elevation. To make things even clearer – if the target was placed at 100 m, the scope with 20 MOA inclined rail would aim to the center of the target while the rifle’s barrel would aim 58 cm higher than the scope. This gives the shooter extra elevation needed for long range shooting. If you plan to shoot on distances longer than 600 meters, 20 MOA is most common. There is no negative effect of the inclined Picatinny rail in the mounting setup if you only shoot on shorter distances. The same goes also the other way around, since if you don’t shoot on extreme distances then Picatinny rail with inclination is not needed.

Design of the Rail

The EAW Steel Picatinny, Remington 700, 78 LA (20 MOA), is crafted from steel, providing exceptional hardness and durability compared to aluminum. This ensures a higher degree of repeatability with minimal wear over time. The rail features 15 slots and 4 mounting holes, all secured with 6-48 threading. A unique central channel allows the simultaneous use of the rifle's iron sights, providing a reliable backup option without needing to remove the rail when there is nothing mounted on it. This Picatinny rail is firmly attached to the rifle with 4 screws, ensuring a secure and stable mount.

Mounting Dimensions

  • A=21.9mm
  • B=113.9mm
  • C=15.3mm
  • R1=51mm
  • R2=17mm
  • BHU=2.9mm

This rail can also be mounted on:

Usually, a Picatinny rail can be mounted on multiple different rifles if they share the same mounting surface, which we commonly refer to as the mounting standard. The EAW Steel Picatinny, Remington 700, 78 LA (20 MOA) can be mounted on the following rifles, which share the same mounting standard:

  • Bergara B14 LA
  • Bergara Premier LA
  • CZ 600 Lux (Long)
  • CZ 600 Range (Long)
  • Haenel Jaeger 10 (Up from series-Nr. JX-000921)
  • Haenel Jaeger Pro
  • Howa 1500 LA
  • HS Precision LA
  • Mauser M12 (2019-onward)
  • Mauser M18
  • McMillan G30 LA
  • Remington 78 LA
  • Remington 721
  • Remington 725
  • Sauer 100
  • Sauer 101
  • Smith & Wesson 1500 LA
  • Weatherby Vanguard LA
  • Weatherby Europa
  • Weatherby Mark V Magnum

Mounting Instructions

Clean the rifle's receiver thoroughly with a cleaning fluid, such as acetone, to remove all stains, grease, and oil. Once the surface is clean and dry, verify that the screws fit both the rail and the receiver holes. Before mounting the rail, apply a minimal amount of thread-locking fluid (278 or 648) to the screws, avoiding any contact with the mounting holes. Carefully clean any excess fluid around the rail using the cleaning fluid. Using a torque driver, tighten the screws to the appropriate torque (up to 3 Nm/26.5 in-lbs). If you require any mounting tools, you can find them on our Rifle Scope Mounting Tools page.

What's in the box?

Each package comes complete with one steel rail and 4 screws to securely attach the rail to your firearm.


This product comes with a 30-year warranty.

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EAW Steel Picatinny rail, Remington 700, 78 LA Specifications

Mount seriesEAW Picatinny Rails
Made inGermany
In production sinceNo
Warranty30 years
Length.160 mm
BH-build height. 6.5mm
H height.0
Inclination 0 MOA
Type of BasePicatinny
Scope - Sight type Picatinny Rail
Mounting StandardNo
A 21.9 mm
B 113.80 mm
C 15.24 mm
Suitable for MountsCZ 600 LUX (Long), CZ 600 Range (Long), Remington 700 LA, Remington 78 LA


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Great quality By
Fit and finish of the rail are perfect and mounting was easy. It is a high quality product, however the price is also quite high. All in all a good choice and I would buz it again, if I would need to.

(Posted on 22/09/2017)

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