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Holosun Tube Dot Sights

Tube dot sights are robust optical devices with a distinguishable look. They are robust and bigger than small tube and most reflex red dot sights on the market. Their name is associated with their appearance – they feature a tubular design. Because of their size, they are never mounted on pistols. Furthermore, they are rarely used for hunting – they are used almost exclusively on AR platforms in tactical situations. There are two typical mounting solutions for these devices. Some of these come with a mount for the Picatinny rail, while others are mounted with a 30mm cantilever ring. If we look at red dot sights of the same price class, full tube sights tend to be optically superior to small tube sights and reflex sights. Since these sights are typically quite big, they also come with a big window that allows a quick target acquisition. The objective lens diameter ranges from 24 mm to 34 mm in this category. The advantages of tube dot sights are reliability, robustness and optical performance – there are no limitations with the size which means that the manufacturers can focus on the optical performance (with reflex red dot sights, that is usually not possible because the emphasis is on introducing a small, lightweight, compact device, hence the optical performance is affected).

Holosun has two series in which full tube sights can be found: Infiniti and Tube.

Infiniti and Tube red dot sights have different mounting solutions. Infiniti sights are supplied with a quick-release mount for the Picatinny platform, while Tube sights come with a 30mm cantilever ring. Because of this, they are different in appearance.

In the Infiniti series, there are four model families – 401, 402, 501 and 502. Models from the model family 401 and 402 feature a 2 MOA central dot, while the devices from the model families 501 and 502 allow the user to switch between a 2 MOA central dot and a 2 MOA central dot surrounded by a 65 MOA circle.  Models within each of the model families have various letters in their names (D, C, CU, R5, G5, G5-U) which indicate the presence of a certain feature. Devices with letter C in their names feature a solar panel on the top of the housing, etc. Value of clicks is ½ MOA for windage and elevation adjustments. Every device also offers 12 illumination levels, 2 of which are night vision compatible. All Infiniti models come with removable flip-up covers.

In the Tube series, there are three models which are 406A, 406C and 506. The model with number 5 allows switching between a 2 MOA dot reticle and a 2 MOA dot surrounded by a 65 MOA circle. As regards the features, this series is similar as Infinity (there are 12 illumination intensity levels to choose from, the battery compartment is on the side in the form of a battery tray, it features the ShakeAwake function, there are ½ MOA clicks for elevation and windage adjustments). All Tube models come with flip up covers for the objective and ocular lens which can be removed at any time.

Red dot sights from both series are parallax free and provide 50.000 hours of battery life on a single CR2032 battery.

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Holosun Paralow HE515CT-GR Elite

Holosun Paralow HE515CT-GR Elite

Holosun Paralow HE515CT-RD Elite

Holosun Paralow HE515CT-RD Elite

Holosun Infiniti HE530C-GR Elite

Holosun Infiniti HE530C-GR Elite

Holosun Infiniti HE530G-GR

Holosun Infiniti HE530G-GR Elite

Holosun Paralow HE515GT-GR Elite

Holosun Paralow HE515GT-GR Elite

Holosun Tube HS406C

Holosun Tube HS406C

Holosun Infiniti HS502C

Holosun Infiniti HS502C

Holosun Infinity HS501G5-U

Holosun Infiniti HS501G5-U

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