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Redring Red Dot Sights

Redring is one of the newest companies from Sweden that specializes in Redring® technology helping shooters with perfect aim. Founder P-O Östergren has identified some common problems among shooters through 25 years of experience by running his own hunting and shooting school. To achieve a perfect shot he invented Redring® to provide more reliable shootings. It allows you to use both eyes for optimal perception and can be quickly mounted on all common shotguns, ideal for beginners and professionals.

This world-class product provides three unique functions:

  • Spot-metering – adjusting the brightness depending on light conditions
  • The Red Ring – range finding ability
  • Low Mount with recoil absorption – very easy to mount and won’t have any effect on the balance

Redring® functions:

  • Target distance indicator – indicates when it’s safe to shoot
  • Complete with mounts
  • Automatic shut off – automatically shuts off after 4 hours
  • Parallax free – shooting with both eyes open
  • Little care taking


Redring Red Dot Sight Series

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