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DOCTER Classic 8x56

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DOCTER Classic 8x56 Details

Description of Docter Classic 8x56 riflescope

Docter Classic 8x56 rifle scope comes to its best when the light fades and hunter has only couple of minutes left to make the shot or not. In such moment almost all other scopes fail since they are too dark or have a reticle “too thin to be visible” for a precise shot. Docter Classic 8x56 however was designed for such light conditions and really stands out in such hunting situations. It has a fixed magnification and thus lower number of lenses light has to cross (on each air/glass surface in the rifle scopes some light gets lost) on its path to the marksman eye. Combined with sophisticated multilayer Docter Multitop coating on all lens surfaces this yields a light transmission rate higher than 92% for the visible light.

Docter Classic Light Transmission Rate graph

All other aspects of this scope were also designed primarily for low light use. It has a wide diameter exit pupil of 7mm, which is optimal for eye perception of a bright image and reticles especially suited for low light situations (1 and 4). Because of all this features Docter names this scope “wild boar scope” and there is truly not many better options for hunting wild boars from a raised hind in low light than this scope. Docter also produces illuminated version of this scope that you can see HERE.

General features of Docter Classic 8x56 scopes

  • Waterproof and Fogproof (filled with dry Nitrogen for use at low temperatures)
  • Shockproof for use on any caliber
  • Fast Focus eye-piece (-/+ 2.5 dpt)
  • Parallax free at 100 meters
  • Accurate and reliable mechanics
  • Fully-multicoated lenses with Docter Multitop Coatings
  • 30 years warranty

Available reticles in Docter Classic 8x56 Rifle Scope

Instruction manuals for Docter Classic 8x56 Rifle Scope

Mounting of Docter Classic 8x56 Rifle Scope

Mounting of Docter Classic 8x56 scope is possible with wide range of 26mm mounting rings.

DOCTER Classic 8x56 Specifications

Riflescopes seriesDOCTER Classic
Variable magnification No
Maximal magnification8x
Maximal magnification.0
Magnification. 0x
Lens diameter. 0mm
Exit pupil. 0mm
Min. exit pupil.0
Min. eye relief.0mm
Twilight Factor 21.2
Light transmission >92%
Reticle position 1. focal plane - FFP
Adjustment per click 10mm/100m - 0.10MIL
Elevation 1.0 m/100m
Windage No
Turret Type Capped
Elevation Per Turn 0.25 mrad - 25 cm
Reticle illumination No
Illumination color -
Daytime-usable illumination No
Auto Turn-Off No
Parallax setting 100 m
Parallax adjustment No
Parallax adj. range
Diopter range +2.5 / -2.5 dpt
Fast focus eyepiece Yes
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Built-in rangefinderNo
Temperature range
Filled with Nitrogen
Tube diameter 25.4 mm
Objective diameter 62 mm
Eyepiece diameter 42 mm
Mount length 140 mm
Mount length.0
Mount rail No
Weight490 g
In production since
Warranty30 years
Made inGermany
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Reviews for DOCTER Classic 8x56

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Excellent scope, and highly recommended. By
I've owned one of these for a while. Astonishingly light gathering, faultless performance, and sublime after sales service, if needed.

(Posted on 23/09/2017)

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