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Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illum.

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Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illum. Details


Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 Illuminated Rifle Scope

Description of Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 Illuminated

Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illuminated rifle scope is a great choice for anyone hunting in the mountains, stalking and occasionally also in low light conditions. Due to the compact size of this riflescope and exceptional optical properties this will be a favorite scope in Docter Classic line for many. Its mechanical quality and robust construction will also be very useful when hunting on a rough terrain and in adverse weather conditions. Waterproof housing is completely sealed and filled with dry nitrogen, so that internal fogging is prevented even at the lowest temperatures. Lenses in Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illuminated scope have all their surfaces coated with advanced Docter Multitop coatings that ensure great light transmission rate shown by the measurement graph bellow.

 Docter Classic Light Transmission Rate graph

Illuminated reticle in Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illuminated gives a hunter a noticeable advantage when hunting in the dark, at dusk or dawn. Illumination system is very sophisticated since the intensity grows very gradually in to relation with the button position. VIDEO review of illumination system and the following graph explain how the illumination works.  

Docter Classic Illumination system


Features of Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 Illuminated scope

  • - Compact size
  • - Great optical properties
  • - FFP (First focal plane) reticle
  • - Waterproof, Fogproof anf Shockproof (any recoil)
  • - Fast Focus Eye-piece
  • - High Light Transmission rate
  • - 30 years warranty


Available reticles in Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 Illuminated


Instruction manuals for Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illuminated


Mounting of Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illuminated

For mounting of Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 rifle scope you will need with 30 mm mounting rings. This scope is also available with LM rail - traditional prismatic rail for mounting - Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 (LM rail).


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    Docter Classic 2.5-10x48 illum. Specifications

    Riflescopes seriesDOCTER Classic ILL
    Variable magnificationYes
    Minimal magnification2.5x
    Maximal magnification10x
    Lens diameter48 mm
    Min. exit pupil diameter4.8 mm
    Max. exit pupil diameter15.0 mm
    Min. eye relief
    Max. eye relief (mm)
    Minimal field of view4.2 m/100m
    Maximum field of view12.4 m/100m
    Twilight Factor7.1 - 21.9
    Light transmission
    Reticle position1. focal plane - FFP
    Reticle illuminationYes
    Illumination colorRed
    Adjustment per click1cm/100m - 0.1mrad
    Elevation1.2 m/100m
    Turret TypeCapped
    Elevation Per Turn2.5 MRAD - 25 cm
    Nr. Turret TurnsMT - Multi Turn
    Turret rotation directionCW
    Day time usable illuminationNo
    Parallax setting100 m
    Parallax adjustmentNo
    Parallax adj. range
    Diopter range+2.5 / -2.5 dpt
    Fast focus eyepieceYes
    Lens coatingFully Multicoated
    Built-in rangefinderNo
    Temperature range
    Filled withNitrogen
    Length341 mm
    Tube diameter30 mm
    Objective diameter54 mm
    Eyepiece diameter41 mm
    Mount length135 mm
    Mount railNo
    Weight620 g
    In production since
    Warranty30 years
    Made inGermany
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