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Contessa Yukon Photon QR Mount, Picatinny

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Contessa Yukon Photon QR Mount, Picatinny Details

About the company

Contessa is an Italian company, famous for producing aesthetically appealing mounts with a nice fit and finish. The tolerances of the produced pieces are very tight – there are no deviations, the mounts are very carefully machined. Contessa manufactures their mounts from solid blocks of steel, providing for a durable and reliable build. The rugged construction makes them impervious to the recoil of even the strongest calibers. They use a glossy, deep blued finish for their mounts. The only exception is their Picatinny rails – these come in a matte finish. Most of their mounts have Contessa’s logo imprinted on the housing, along with a ‘made in Italy’ label, both in gold colour.

Contessa drop barrel rifle mounts

The mounts found in this category are suitable for the 12mm dovetail. This mounting surface is found on popular break-barrel rifles but can also be achieved by mounting a Contessa steel 12mm rail on other types of rifles (these 12mm steel rails are available for some popular bolt action rifles, semiautomatic shotguns and single shot rifles). Contessa makes these for most scope tube diameters available – 25.4 mm, 30 mm, 34 mm, 36 mm and 40 mm (most rings are available in different heights). Even red dot sights mounting solutions can be found in this category – Contessa makes these for popular red dot sights such as Doctor Sight II/III, Meopta Meosight II/III, Burris Fast Fire II/III, Zeiss Victory Compact Point, Aimpoint H1/H2 and similar.

Most of mounts in this category are of the detachable type, meaning that they can be mounted on the rifle and dismounted from it without the use of tools. All the detachable mounts in this category are also repeatable, so they will hold zero if they are removed and put back on the mounting surface of the rifle.

These mounts are machined with extreme precision – the edges are nicely rounded, adding to the elegant, high-quality appearance of the mount. They feature a nice deep blued finish, appealing to the eye. All of them come with a lever that locks into place when pressed against the side of the base. To unlock the lever from its position, one must push down the safety catch. There are recoil stoppers on the top surface. These are available in some unusual yet extremely appealing colours, such as champagne (nickel-coated). A mount of this colour goes well with vintage, premium firearms. Additionally, Contessa can engrave the mount by hand. Again, this is something that looks well on premium, break-barrel rifles.

All the mounts in this category are made from a solid block of steel. The fit and finish found on these is probably one of the best in the mount industry. The warranty period is 30 years on all Contessa drop barrel rifle mounts.

About the product

This product is designed to fit a Picatinny rail. On the part that is extended to the rear, there is a platform on which two 30mm rings are mounted assuring that the Yukon Photon night vision device is securely fixed (it has a 30mm tube).


Contessa grants a 30-year warranty period for all their mounts.

Contessa Yukon Photon QR Mount, Picatinny Specifications

Mount seriesContessa QR Mounts
Made inGermany
In production sinceN/A
Warranty30 years
BH height -
Extension (KR) KR 0.0 mm
Inclination 0 MOA
Mount TypeDetacheable mounts
Mounts FashionDirect Mounts, One-Part Mounts, One-Piece Mount, Repeatable Mounts
Adjustable windageNo
Scope / Sight type Yukon Photon


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