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    Yukon Solaris Binoculars.

    Like all binoculars from Yukon, all the models Solaris series are made in Belarus, and consists of five 50mm Porro prism instruments in a range of different magnifications, starting at a moderate 7x and going all the way up to an extremely powerful 20x. Depending on the model you select, this wide range of available magnifications makes them suitable for an equally diverse range of uses that will include boating, sailing, astronomy, bird watching, general use, wildlife observation, hunting and more.

    Important Features

    The “soft touch” rubber armor coating on the exterior surface helps protect the instrument as well as increase grip levels which is especially important in wet weather or in winter when wearing thick gloves.

    Here too these Yukon binoculars are protected: Advertised as having an IPX6 degree of water resistance, it means that they will withstand even the heaviest rain, but should not be fully submerged for any length of time.

    Yukon Advanced Optics uses a light alloy for the main housing, which at this price range is impressive as many of their competitors will instead use a polycarbonate plastic which is more lightweight, but less robust.

    Like most of Yukon’s binoculars, the Solaris have eyecups with a side shield on the side. This design helps reduce distracting light coming in from the sides where your face meets the eyecups and thus not only helps you maintain complete focus on your subject, but it can also improve the view by preventing light reflecting off the ocular lens.

    Optical Properties

    The Yukon Solaris binoculars are Multi-Coated and thus have multiple anti-reflective coatings on their lenses which helps improve light transmission and thus improves brightness, contrast, and general image quality. However important to note, they are not Fully Multi-Coated and so not all the lenses throughout the entire optical system have been treated.

    The Porro prism optical system that these Solaris binoculars use gives them their iconic shape with the eyepieces set closer together than the objective lenses.

    Whilst this design is not as compact as a Roof prism, the advantage is that they are able to deliver a 100% light reflectivity without the need for expensive mirror coatings.

    Image focusing is achieved using the centrally located focus wheel. As well as this, these Yukon binoculars also feature a diopter adjustment ring on the right eyepiece that enables you to make small adjustments to ensure they cater for any differences in vision between your two eyes.


    These Yukon Solaris binoculars are boxed with a padded carry case and neck strap as well as lens covers, a cleaning cloth, user manual, and the warranty card.

    The objective lens covers are worth mentioning here as they are a little different than normal: Rather than a simple rubber cap that fits over the ends of the barrels, Yukon supplies a lens cap that looks and works in a similar way to the lens covers that you get with an expensive camera lens. Spring loaded, the quick release clip makes them secure as well as easy to remove or replace.

    Features of Yukon Solaris Binoculars

    • A wide selection of magnifications from 7x to 20x
    • Large 50mm Objective Lenses
    • Multicoated Anti-reflective Lens Coatings
    • Porro Prism Optical System
    • Rubber Armoured Light-Alloy Chassis
    • IPX6 Water Resistance
    • Right Eye Diopter
    • Rubber Eyecup with Flared Side Shield
    • Tripod Adaptable

    Accessories of Yukon Solaris Binoculars

    • Neck Strap
    • Padded Carrying Case
    • Spring Loaded, Quick Release Lens Caps
    • Soft Cleaning Cloth
    • Manual & Warranty Information

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    These Solaris binoculars come with Yukon Advanced Optics warranty as standard that protects them against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the moment of initial purchase or from the manufacturing date if there is no receipt to prove purchase.

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