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    Vortex Binoculars

    Vortex Crossfire

    Crossfire series from Vortex Optics offers entry-level binoculars that comes with four different configurations ideal for long range observations for daytime use and low-light conditions. Extremely lightweight polycarbonate body eliminates fatiguing and together with tight seals makes them extremely durable. They are fully multi-coated and thus perform incredibly well.


    Vortex Diamondback HD

    The best-selling Vortex series offers incredibly versatile binoculars that are hand-friendly, waterproof, fog-proof and have incredible optical features. The price-performance ratio with these binoculars is the highest we’ve seen. You can choose between 8 different models for different outdoor use, for hunters, bird watchers, traveling, hiking etc.


    Vortex Hurricane

    Perfect series for marine applications Hurricane offers 7x50 and 10x50 models with fully multi-coated system for extreme brightness and resolution and also great protection. External lens coating ArmoTek eliminates smudges, scratches and repels water and other moisture. They are able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions such as rain, hurricane and snow.


    Vortex Kaibab HD

    The ultimate high-power binoculars from Vortex offers two 20x56 and 15x56 models. Perfect for long range observations in large open areas and mountains will open your eyes to incredible scenery. They are perfect for hunters, bird watchers and also for astronomy observations. These binoculars are equipped with XR anti-reflective coatings HD glass and very durable ArmorTek armor.


    Vortex Raptor

    Raptor series offers two 8.5x32 and 6.5x32 models perfect for daytime observations up close. With generous close focus distance these incredibly compact binoculars are perfect for macro observations of butterflies, insects and other objects nearby. They have also wider field of view that allows you to track and stay in a moving target without much effort.


    Vortex Razor HD

    Razor HD offers incredible ergonomics design and won’t give you much fatiguing when using them for longer periods of time even with the most powerful ones. Great minimum close focus helps with observations up close. These series are perfect for observations even in the challenging light conditions. They are equipped with very durable Plasma TechTM armoring, HD glass, durable ArmorTek and XR anti-reflective lens coatings.


    Vortex Talon HD

    Vortex Talon HD series offers 4 all-round models ideal for hunters and bird watchers that tends to observe right up to twilight. They are equipped with HD glass, durable Plasma TechTM coatings, XR anti-reflective and ArmoTek coatings. Their ergonomics is also quite incredible due to lightweight body and open-bridge design that helps with comfortable handling.


    Vortex Vanquish

    Vanquish series offers reverse Porro-prism binoculars with 8x26 and 10x26 configuration, perfect for sports, traveling and other wildlife adventures during daytime. Very durable and incredibly lightweight Vanquish offers rich depth of field ideal for macro observations and great 3D images. They are very compact and thus easy to be stored into pockets.


    Vortex Viper HD

    Viper HD offers award-winning high-grade series of binoculars for wide varieties of applications, from hunting, bird watching, traveling, hiking, astronomy, law enforcement and military. They are optically equipped with XR-anti reflective coatings, HD glass and durable ArmorTek for incredible view through. They are also extremely durable and able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions thanks to very strong build materials and tight seals.


    Vortex Vulture HD

    Vortex Vulture HD series offers three models of very durable binoculars for nighttime use with their 56mm objective lenses that draws in plenty of light. Incredibly bright even during the most challenging light, these binoculars pride themselves with impervious protective features for the harshest weather conditions.



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