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    Minox Binoculars

    Minox BF 25

    The smallest Minox binoculars of BF series weighs only 300g and are thus the best companions in the wildlife since they immensely ease your portability. Smaller design doesn't mean lower ability since they perform incredibly well optically and are able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions due to outstanding protective features. Models come in 8x25 and 10x25 configuration for everyday use in daytime.


    Minox BF 42

    These all-round binoculars made by Minox have incredible ergonomic design, with lightweight body and sleek and slender design that helps you with comfortable handling. This series offer 8x42 and 10x42 configuration for hunters, bird watchers and other enthusiast that primarily uses binoculars during daytime hours. Fully multi-coated system and incredible protection due to tight O-ring seals makes them impervious to harsh weather conditions.


    Minox BL 44

    This Minox BL series offers two models with 8x44 and 10x44 configuration that perform incredibly well even during twilight hours. With optical innovations such as special M* lens coating on extra-low dispersion glass and great protective features, these binoculars won't break the bank! They are also extremely lightweight due to polycarbonate body armoring and will make your portability less fatiguing.


    Minox BL 56

    The most powerful Minox binoculars with 56 mm lenses have incredible ergonomic design, high quality optical features and extremely durable armoring and protection. This series offers two models with 8x56 and 15x56 configuration, ideal for nighttime observations of hunters, bird watchers, military and law-enforcement applications.


    Minox BN

    Minox BL series offers award-wining Nautic line with 7x50 DCM and 7x50 DC binoculars for marine applications. These binoculars are real trend setters and comes in beautiful white armoring never seen before. Both binoculars are equipped with digital compass with height display, and DCM model is upgraded with digital barometer, thermometer, altimeter, stopwatch and watch. Together with incredible optical performance and individual focusing these binoculars are enclosed in thermoplastic body that protects them against UV rays.


    Minox HG

    Minox HG series offers 6 different models that received awards for incredible aesthetic and ergonomics. Very stylish design is made for comfortable handling and protects the construction with tight seals that are the result of high quality build materials. Incredible optical performance is also the result of MonoBright prism coating, M* lens coatings and ED SCHOTT glass. These binoculars are also equipped with distance-scale.


    Minox APO HG

    Minox company offers High Grade APO binoculars that has an incredible optical features – apochromatically-corrected lenses that helps with incredibly lifelike images, together with special MinoBright and M* lens coatings on ED SCHOTT Glass. You can choose between two models with 8x43 and 10x43 configurations perfect for everyday use of hunters, bird watchers and other applications.



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